To the editor- Castle debate keeps on going |

To the editor- Castle debate keeps on going

To the editor-

Thanks to Chris Mann for responding to my letter regarding the “Tahoe

Castle.” My main point was to illustrate the vast difference in wealth in

our community. I believe that the estate or inheritance tax was a reasonable

way for the wealthy to contribute to our society. Last year the inheritance

tax did not apply unless the estate was over $675,000 per person. You must

realize that most of our tax money goes for an immense defense budget, not

for social services.

I’m certain that ‘Tommy Hilfinger’ (Mr Horowitz is CEO) employs

thousands of people to produce their merchandise. But don’t most of their

workers live in Third World countries and earn a minimum wage of $2 to $3 a

day for a 10 to 12 hour day? This does not contribute to their society or

ours, just to the massive salaries for the Hilfinger executives. Sadly, this

example applies to many thousands of our Corporations.

I was a business owner for 30 years and never felt that government

interfered with my ability to accumulate wealth. I paid my employees a

reasonable wage and benefits that was above the standard for my industry. I

would like to see more American companies do the same thing.

Chris, it is time to stop the class warfare and treat workers with

respect and reward them with a living wage and benefits, so they can afford

‘affordable housing’

Milt Kagan

S. Lake Tahoe, Ca.

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