To the editor- City missing opportunity |

To the editor- City missing opportunity

To the editor- Well, another City Council meeting and another blow to Lake Tahoe’s clarity.

It amazes me that some people, who aren’t even residents of South Lake Tahoe, who represent eight homes on Ormsby Drive can stop a project to help clarify Lake Tahoe and yet people who are citizens of South Lake Tahoe in the Tahoe Keys can’t stop a developer from increasing traffic on their streets.

What is up with this City Council? They say they care about Lake Tahoe, but they remind me of the person I saw with a “Keep Tahoe Blue” bumper sticker flicking a cigarette butt out their window. They say one thing and do another.

The only question I have to ask is why? Is there money involved? Fear of reprisal? Ignorance? Or just plain stupidity? Do they not know that the lake’s clarity is dropping a foot every year? Or do they choose to ignore that and claim it is just in someone’s imagination? What goes on behind closed doors?

There were two issues at the June 19 meeting that were important for Lake Tahoe’s clarity. One was to continue with a project to transform a creek that runs straight down on the side of a meadow near some people’s homes to a curvy creek that would filter sediment and improve the Lake’s clarity. From what was said at the meeting by people who have studied this project is that the river was straightened out over 100 years ago so that the meadow would dry out and cattle could be pastured on that land as well as a railroad built. So some very well meaning people decided to convert that stream back to the way it should be. As anyone who knows about rivers, they don’t normally take a straight path unless you encourage them to do that and then it is hard to change it back to the way it was because water will take the path of least resistance. This is hard to explain because you have to have an open mind. And the people on Ormsby do not. All they see is the trees so to speak and not the forest.

So the City Council voted to postpone funding to complete the river project and voted for the Tahoe Keys marina expansion. They obviously don’t care about the Tahoe environment. It’s sad. One day the lake will be murky, the sky will be gray and you won’t be able to see across it to the other side and we’ll all say, “What a shame. Too bad no one did anything about it when they could.”

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