To the editor: |

To the editor:

In response to numerous diatribes on television, talk radio and in newspapers such as yours, I say, I will not "get over it."

The Clinton-bashing continues unabated as the Republicans use the bumbling ex-president’s actions to assuage their guilt over an illegitimate election that the majority of American voters, with an ounce of intellectual integrity, know is a fraud.

The Clintons may be leaving office rather awkwardly, but that is no excuse to dismiss the outrage of millions over the theft of the White House by the five right-wing Supreme Court justices and the brothers Bush from Texas.

The “holier than thou” Republicans are up in arms over the pardon of Marc Rich, which may be bogus, but is it any worse than the pardon of Caspar Weinberg and his cronies by former President Bush just days before they would have been forced to testify that George the first had been lying to the American public for years about the Iran-Contra scandal? They roast Clinton for his campaign finances as they simultaneously pay off big business, the rich and the Bible-thumpers with a cabinet of CEOs, 43 percent of the proposed tax cut to the wealthiest 1 percent and the offensive John Ashcroft as attorney general. Horrible Hillary gets an $8 million book deal and they worry about a conflict of interest. What about the $20 million golden parachute vice president select Cheney received from the oil and gas company he was employed by for several years?

I don’t think companies like these will have any problem from this White House when it comes to those pesky tax or environmental laws. They also have a big business rubber stamp in Gail Norton in charge of our public lands as head of the Department of the Interior. That’s comforting. They scream about the waste of taxpayer money on an office for Clinton while we continue to pay $350,000 a year on office space for Reagan when he, unfortunately, has had little use for it in the past 10 years.

All this Democrat-bashing is a smoke screen to cover the implementation of the extreme right-wing agenda of this administration that most American voters did not want.

To those who say that we are so much better off with the current occupant of the White House than with Bill and Hillary, let’s not forget that it wasn’t the Clintons who won the 2000 presidential election by more than 500,000 votes; it was Al Gore and Joe Lieberman.

I will not “get over it.” I will continue to be politically active and will support candidates in 2002 who will help to minimize the damage done in the short term and will support a residential ticket in the next election that will show these interlopers the door in 2004.

Kevin C. Moore

South Lake Tahoe

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