Guest column: Together we can end bullying |

Guest column: Together we can end bullying

Sophia Aronoff
Guest Column

“Hi! You look really nice today.”

Just six simple words can turn someone’s day around instead of upside-down. Bullying is a worldwide issue affecting kids and adults, too. One simple act of kindness can change someone’s life, such as buying the person in front of you a coffee, or maybe even just holding the door for someone.

Maybe it won’t change the world, but it can affect their world in that one moment. Happiness and positivity can change someone’s perspective in life. Approximately 17 percent of American students report being bullied two or more times a month or more within a school trimester, according to With your help, we can aim to lower that to 0 percent.

At South Tahoe Middle School, there is an amazing leadership program that has shown me I don’t have to listen to the people who bring me down. I learned, in your life, you will come across people who will bring negativity. Those people aren’t the ones you should surround yourself with.

I believe strongly we can end bullying. In fact, in October of 2016, I hosted an anti-bullying campaign in my school. I made announcements for a whole week to dress up for spirit days relating to bullying. In addition, some programs we instituted were: to make announcements with information about the topic and to encourage others to wear colors signifying how we can take a stand against such behavior for spirit week.

This is important to me because I have witnessed and experienced bullying myself. From my own experience, I know words can hurt someone and often can actually hurt more than physical actions.

What can bullying actually do to someone? Well, if someone is being bullied, they may go to extreme measures to make it stop instead of telling somebody. Hurting someone, whether it’s with actions or scars, isn’t a solution to your problems. Neither middle schoolers, nor high schoolers should come to school feeling unsafe.

Any form of bullying is wrong, and must definitely not be tolerated in a school, household or anywhere. If we all work together, bullying will no longer be an issue.

Be confident and don’t let anybody bring you down. And remember how just six simple words can make a difference!

Sophia Aronoff is a South Tahoe Middle School student.

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