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U.S. policy on China disturbing

Steven McHugh

Dear Mr. President:

So now you are schmoozing with the Chinese president, Jiang, serving him coffee in the White House along with the red-carpet treatment, while other people on the East Coast present him with an American Revolutionary War three-point hat to wear. How nice.

I just wanted you to know that I object to all of this, and find it just as nauseating, un-American and hypocritical as I would if we treated Hitler’s descendants and proteges, were they still in power in Germany, the same way.

As a direct descendent of John Dickinson, a signer of our Constitution (Delaware), I feel sure that our forefathers would roll over in their graves if they knew what we are now doing. They fought and died to escape an unjust British system that, in comparison to this Chinese communist government, was decent and civil.

I realize that communist China is manufacturing all varieties of junk for this country these days, and Americans import and buy some $35 billion worth of it each year, while we export to them some $8 billion worth. So there is an economic reason. But doesn’t it matter to you, and the people who profit from all this “trade,” that China is, and since 1949 has been, the most murderous nation in the world?

Since 1949, according to several sources, such as our own CIA, the Chinese communist leaders have murdered more than 30 million of their own people. More than Hitler. Probably more than even Stalin. More than Pol Pot (except as a percentage of population). Do you know how many millions more they have tortured and imprisoned, solely because of their people’s desire for democracy and basic human rights? Neither do I, but ask your CIA – they have a good idea. In fact, most of them are still in prison, or dead.

Do you know how many millions more they currently have suffering and laboring to manufacture our toys, clothes and other items in prisons and concentration camps? Millions.

Who is subsidizing and encouraging all this? You and our current government are. We American citizens also are, by paying billions each year to China through Target, Kmart, Mervyn’s, Costco, Toys-R-Us, etc.

Where does all of that money go? Not to the Chinese Red Cross. Have you looked at their military and nuclear arms buildup lately?

Most Americans are not even aware of the fact that they have nuclear weapons, much less that they now have more than 46 fully operational submarines in the Pacific, most of which are equipped with intercontinental, or medium-range, nuclear weapons. Not to mention the millions of men under arms in the “People’s Republic” Army. Do we really want to fund and encourage the growth of this brutal dictatorship and its expanding military machine? I think not. The billions we give to them are not going to the Red China Aid Society for Deserving Citizens. They are laughing at us.

Your reason for kissing up to a man and a government that still regularly tortures and murders its political dissidents is ostensibly that our economy will benefit from it. Do you realize that in Nazi Germany Hitler also had millions of prisoners hard at work manufacturing products that aided the German, and other, economies? What is the difference here?

What is your thinking? Mine would be to boycott their imports, retract their “Most Favored Nation”status, take away the three-point hat, and continue our traditional criticism of a criminal, foul, and brutal system. I encourage you to change your policy back to the one you had in 1992, and encourage all Americans to “Buy American.”

Steven J. McHugh is a personal injury lawyer in South Lake Tahoe.

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