Veterans deserve to be honored |

Veterans deserve to be honored

For the first time in years, Veterans Day is actually being observed on its real day instead of some arbitrary Monday to give people a three-day week.

Nov. 11 was first known as Armistice Day — to commemorate the end of World War I. The fighting of that war ended on Nov. 11, 1918, at 11 a.m.

Today in the United States, Veterans Day is an opportunity to remember all of those who have served in the military during times of peace and war.

It should not be a day to be critical of the government. It is not a day to debate whether nuclear arsenals are still viable. It is not a day to pit hawks against doves.

Instead, this is a day to give thanks to the men and women who are currently in the armed forces and the many who served before them. It takes courage to enlist in the military knowing, besides training and an education, that you could die.

We are fortunate to currently have a military force of volunteers. This truly shows grit when so many people just labor at a desk, staring into a computer.

Those in the military are there to protect us. They are on active duty or in the reserves and the Guard. They are stationed throughout the United States and throughout the world. At times they must give up seeing their loved ones every night when they are sent on temporary duty — a TDY. They have little control over where they may be stationed next.

They were called into action to protect our national monuments after 9-11, as well as our major bridges and airports.

Their camouflage fatigues may hide them in times of combat, but they have no reason to hide who they are or what they do. They should stand up tall and be proud of serving in the United States military.

It is our responsibility as civilians to give them our respect. They have volunteered to protect us even though they may ultimately give their lives for us.

This will undoubtedly be a three-day weekend for most of you. Take a moment on Monday to remember why you have the day off. Take a moment to reflect on what someone in uniform is doing so you can enjoy time away from work and time with your family and friends.

Our veterans deserve a standing ovation for all they have done and all that we know they will do.

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