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Letter: VHR moratorium needed in El Dorado County (opinion)

Supervisor Ranalli,

At the BOS meeting in Placerville on Dec. 12, you stated the new cap put on VHRs in the city of South Lake Tahoe would not cause VHRs to increase in the county portion of the basin. Using data from 2016 and 2017 as your source to back up your opinion on this subject, well to say the least, you where wrong!

Since Dec. 1, 2017 until now March 26, using the tax collectors own information, the county has issued 109 new VHR permits. There are 812 permits currently in El Dorado County, so using APN numbers one can see almost all of the new permits, if not all, are in the Tahoe Basin portion of the county.

That being said, that is a 14 percent increase in less than four months. If this trend continues, in another four months it will be 28 percent and at the end of a year, we are looking at a 42 percent increase in VHRs. So you being a self proclaimed data guy, you can see the rethinking of your position on a temporary moratorium is in order. This community can’t afford this kind of VHR growth. You and the rest of the board are allowing our neighborhoods to be destroyed!

The residents of the basin know the Board of Supervisors is in love with the money from TOT taxes, but you can’t keep forfeiting the residents quality of life that you were voted into office to protect.

Mr. Ranalli, in a Lake Tahoe News article dated Feb. 15 you said the county is in the process of rejiggering how it does enforcement on all issues, not just VHRs. Does anyone know what “rejiggering” is?

It means to organize differently, rearrange, “he rejiggers his stump speech ever so slightly to fit the crowd, then sounds the same message.” Yes, the Board of Supervisors is rejiggering, in normal English, or laymen’s terms it means “smoke and mirrors.” That’s our elected officials in action!

We need a moratorium now! You know, while the county rejiggers! What a bunch of B.S.!

Rick Mapes

South Lake Tahoe, California

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