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Letter: Vote ‘yes’ on Measure T in South Lake Tahoe (opinion)

A group of South Lake Tahoe residents collected enough valid signatures so the voters can now decide if they want vacation rentals in their neighborhoods. Measure T will be on the ballot in November.

There will be competing ideas presented by the opposing sides about gain or loss of taxes, gain or loss of jobs, gain or loss of property values, and on and on.

The fact remains that our city's general plan designates our neighborhoods as RESIDENTIAL. In most neighborhoods that means single family dwellings. These areas are for residents.

If the city decides to allow these non-conforming mini-motels in these residential areas then the city needs to rezone our neighborhoods to "Tourist Commercial" so we can make informed decisions when we decide to buy or build our homes.

The decision will now be made by the voters and not the City Council that seems to have forgotten who they represent. Make your vote count in November.

Vote YES on T and return our neighborhoods to neighbors.

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Jerry Goodman

South Lake Tahoe, California