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War is not a reason to stop living

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Spring sprung a week ago — but do not put away the shovels and thermals. It being Tahoe means we are bound to get a dumping in April.

Nonetheless, in this time of war we should look around and not take for granted all that our little oasis in the Sierra Nevada has to offer. Nor should we forget there is good in the world that should be embraced. It will not mean we have forgotten what is going on on the other side of the world.

For our own peace of mind we need to take a break from the action. The ski resorts will be open for a few more weeks, nets on tennis courts are bound to be put up in due time.

Groups of cyclists have been pedaling along Foothill Road in the Carson Valley. Shops in town have been tuning up bikes for people who are gearing up for organized rides that will be staged here and off the hill.

Potential Little Leaguers have put the mink oil on their gloves, ready to field the ball.

Major leaguers are making final tune-ups for the season that gets under way Sunday.

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College basketball is winding down, with the best of the best dueling it out in a quest to be the NCAA champions.

We point out the obvious goings-on to remind people that it is OK to keep living even when there is turmoil in the world. It does not make you less sensitive or caring.

Stress comes in many forms and has just as many outlets. It is necessary for all of us to take care of ourselves and keep an eye on those around us. War is tragic no matter who wins. We can not escape or control it, but we can manage how it affects us.

There is often a sense of helplessness at times like this. There is a sense of feeling guilty about enjoying the frivolities of life when thousands are risking their lives for their country.

There are things we can do. There are Internet sites through the various military branches that provide a way for anyone to send e-mails to our troops. There is a local group making quilts for soldiers. The Boys and Girls Club is collecting items to send overseas.

We can even protest — for or against the war. We can write letters to lawmakers in favor or against the war.

We cannot stop living because there is uncertainty in the world. If anything, we should be getting out and about more. We should be going to dinner and to the movies.

We should be backing our athletes in town and out of town. We should be going to performances, to fund-raisers, to shows.

Simply put — our future as a nation, not just the South Shore’s — depends on us continuing to live. We need to stimulate the economy, not stagnate it by keeping money under our mattresses.

Ours is a changed world, where the definition of normal will continually be rewritten. We must not live in fear of the unknown. Life is too short to spend it stressing over things we cannot control.