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Letter: We can’t wait any longer, vote ‘Yes’ on Measure C

Ever since I moved to South Lake Tahoe, potholes and cracks have covered our city’s roads and presented a danger to residents. We have all seen cars swerve all over the road, only to realize it’s not a drunk driver, but rather someone trying to avoid potholes.

Our roads should not be in such disrepair, that a simple trip to the grocery store can feel like an obstacle course. We need to solve this problem.

Instead of kicking this can down the road (so to speak) to make street safety someone else’s problem, I am taking action by supporting Measure C. Measure C will fix the terrible potholes on our local streets, improve roadway safety, and ensure that local police and fire vehicles can reach emergencies quickly.

The longer we wait, the more expensive these road repairs will become. Measure C ensures tourists pay a significant portion of the cost of road improvements, and the funds received under Measure C will actually go toward these improvements, and can never be used for any other purpose, which was my greatest concern.

We cannot afford for Measure C to fail. Please vote “Yes.”

Kelly Montgomery

South Lake Tahoe, California