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What have been the biggest achievements of the last millennium and what will be the biggest achievements of the next millennium?

Editor’s note: The following Letters to the Editor were submitted from Ms. Wendy Smith’s sixth grade class at Kingsbury Middle School. In the next two weeks, letters from Ms. Smith’s class addressing the issue of lake clarity will run on the editorial page.

Dear editor:

At night when you look up at the sky, what do you see? Stars, satellites, maybe even a space station. Now, you wouldn’t be seeing any satellites or space stations if it weren’t for one very important thing. Most of you would probably say the space shuttle but, in fact, I think it is the computer. The computer has become extremely advanced over the past 100 years or so. Without the powerful workings of the computer we wouldn’t have landed on the moon, nor would we be exploring space.

Computers are very important to our lives, but they are also a great source of entertainment. If you saw “Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace,” do you remember the awesome visuals and the amazing realism of the droids and podracers? Without computer animation we wouldn’t have any podracers or battleships or anything like that. Do you have a Nintendo of any kind? Well, if you do, I would just like to point out how realistic Zelda and Mario 64 are. Think about it, being in a 3-D environment and being able to control a character with simply your fingers. Also the computer is a great source for knowledge and learning, such as the Internet. You can also play video games on the computer and get work done.

And in the next 100 years think of how we will be able to use computers. In the next millennium I think that computers will be our way of life. All in all, I think computers are awesome and very important. With the computer, I think we will someday send a man beyond our universe. Just think about it.

Daniel Allen

Dear editor:

The millennium is coming! What will be the biggest advancement? The world may never know … until it happens!

I think that the next big advancement will be flying cars … not like the Jetsons, but pretty close. Try to imagine this: You want to go to Peru, but the airline tickets are too high. So, maybe in your imagination you think, “Hey! I’ll get a ride in the Batmobile!” Then you realize that Batman is booked (or that he isn’t real), so you can’t go to Peru … not in the new century.

But hold on! With the year’s greatest advancement, you would just jump into your car, hit “fly” and your destination, and buckle in (of course). In an hour and 10 minutes, you’re in Peru.

Now, there are other features. Not only can you go by air, but you can go by land, too. The radio can tell who’s driving and what they want to listen to. The gas tank fills itself when empty. You can recline the seats all the way back and still drive because the car does it all for you. There are soda machines and hot cocoa and things like that.

It probably will take awhile for all those things, but I’m sure they’ll fly eventually. If they don’t fly, you can always go to priceline.com and just take a regular plane.

Katie Jo Cassidy

Dear editor:

My opinion of the next 100 years is that food, as we know it, will be replaced by food tablets. Food tablets are big meals, but it’s not big. Instead, it’s a tablet that has the meal inside the tablet. This food tablet isn’t only a food tablet, it’s also medicine.

The kind of medicine that they’ll put in it would be fat-absorbing medicine. This kind of medicine doesn’t make you fat when you eat food. The other kind of medicine they’ll put in it is muscle-building protein. This tablet will take the place of exercise; it will provide all daily requirements of vitamins and minerals.

Food tablets will cost $2 per day to feed a family of four. I think that’s a good price because in the year 2000, it costs $10 per day to feed a family of four. You will be able to store a whole year of meals on a single shelf. It will also be more convenient than going to the market every day.

Matthew McMaster

Dear editor:

I feel the biggest achievement over the next 100 years will be the development of solar energy. The argument today is that it costs too much, but there hasn’t been the push for research and development as there was to go to the moon. The world’s dependence on oil (fossil fuel) will soon be depleted.

The challenge for scientists of solar energy systems is to provide a way to convert the radiant energy of the sun and store it. It will be available when needed and is low in cost to the people who use it.

Solar energy will change the way we live, automobiles we drive, and would benefit both the environment and economy. There is no pollution caused by solar energy. Most all our spacecraft could use solar power for their instruments and communication devices. We need to do more to develop this source of energy for the future.

Scott Fishbein

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