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Letter: Where’s the news in ‘film festival dancer’ story? (opinion)

It’s more than a week after your front page “film festival dancer” article in which Lara Miller was given a platform to begin her personal attack on event creator, Todd Offenbacher and his family.

Since then, Lara Miller has dedicated hours of her time, not only personally defaming Todd via Facebook and Twitter, but also using veiled threats in petitioning every Tahoe Adventure Film Festival event sponsor to drop the event (using your article as a trophy and key prop along the way).

As a reminder, this is all because Lara Miller feels dancers don’t belong at the Film Festival, which is a sold out nighttime show, in a Lake Tahoe casino showroom. It’s a personal opinion that in no way justifies her aggressive actions.

So, where was the “news” in the original front page article? We’ve heard from the dancers now (thank you for that). If this was simply to open a dialogue about an important subject, why wasn’t it in an opinion section, and where specifically was the injustice that warranted publicly singling out and putting in jeopardy the reputations and livelihoods of the Offenbachers and the people they employ?

Lara Miller it turns out, is a bully. And whether deliberately or out of an error in judgment, Claire Cudahy and the Tahoe Daily Tribune have been complicit in the harassment of a good local family. A public apology is in order.

Tris Cochrane

South Lake Tahoe, California

Friend to the Offenbacher family, and Tahoe Adventure Film Festival regular

Editor’s note: The Tribune stands by its reporting, which detailed numerous viewpoints in what is a complicated subject. Read the story here.

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