Guest column: Why I am marching |

Guest column: Why I am marching

Tahoe Women’s March on Washington D.C. on Jan. 21 is slated to be a historic demonstration of human beings who believe in equality and social justice for all. Although titled “Women’s March” the march is for everyone who cares about human rights. Human rights are women’s rights. This event will go down in history because it has turned into a march of global proportion with sister events being held in communities across the country and the world.

According to the social media site for the event, there are marches in 50 states and 55 global cities on six continents from Tokyo to Sydney, Kenya to Paris to Bogota. Why would anyone be surprised this event is so massive? After all, what human beings do not believe in equality and justice for all? This is part of the fabric of our Constitution and a basic tenet of civilized countries in the 21st century.

On Nov. 9 it became clear to the majority (popular vote) that the campaign rhetoric of President-elect Donald Trump, promoting discrimination and violations of human rights of all kinds, must be met with a rise in solidarity promoting just the opposite: equality and social justice for all. The march is not about “protesting” the presidency. The action steps for the majority are to ensure the rhetoric of the president elect does not manifest in public policy during his presidency.

Protecting Roe v. Wade, mandating equal pay for equal work, demanding anti-discrimination policy, supporting humane immigration policy, and taking a firm stance on national security threats like Russia, are a few of the critical issues on the table. When I woke on Nov. 9 following the election I decided it is time to up my game and be a part of a larger movement for good. I realized that President-elect Trump will now go down in my life story as one of my greatest teachers because he is inspiring me to take action locally, nationally and globally. This is a pivotal moment in our national history and has the potential to redefine us as a country. How will you be a part of shaping the future?

I am marching in Washington D.C. on Jan. 21 along with my sister and three nieces. When I registered for the event I was asked to insert a statement describing “why I march.” Here is my response:

“I march for President Donald Trump — may your words not match your actions as president. The majority of humans in the United States are rising in solidarity for the greater good and we believe, as the president of the most powerful country in the world, you can deliver fair, equal and just policy for the people you serve. We will help make sure you are successful in this regard.”

Lauren Thomaselli is a South Lake Tahoe resident. She can be reached at

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