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Wildfires and firefighters know no borders

Nevada Appeal

The scenes from the California fires are familiar. Scorched landscapes and gutted homes, distraught homeowners and frazzled fire crews.

They could have been from the Angora fire this summer, or from any of the other fires that have scorched our state during this long drought.

We’re proud of the fire departments from throughout the region that have sent crews to Southern California in their time of need. Many firefighters have volunteered to be on those crews, even before an official request came from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. They’ll be away from their homes and families for weeks. And with so many homes and lives at stake, they’ve worked with few breaks in dangerous conditions.

Despite those conditions, more local firefighters stand ready to depart when called. It’s good to know that these are the type of people that protect us every day, and we wish them success and a safe return.

Helping out a neighbor is the right thing to do, of course, but it’s also the only way to operate in these drought conditions.

For the most part, the wildland fire season is over here, but we know it will return, and with it will come the constant threat of catastrophe. Fortunately, as was demonstrated this summer, we can be sure it will bring help from our neighbors whenever it’s needed, a favor we’re returning right now.

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