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‘World Trade Center’ painful but worthwhile

Lahontan Valley News

The famous movie producer Oliver Stone is taking some heat for his latest movie, “World Trade Center,” from those who claim he is capitalizing on the misfortune of the 2,749 individuals who died during the worst terrorist event on U.S. soil in our country’s history.

This criticism is to be expected inasmuch as it is a grim reminder of a national tragedy that hurt millions of Americans to the very core of their being. That Stone and his backers are now raking in millions strikes some detractors as cold-hearted and opportunistic. Others argue that America is still mourning this horrific incident and it is too soon to bring it to the big screen, which was inevitable given its historic significance. Other concerns include glorifying the mass murderers behind 9/11 with the attention of a major motion picture.

All of these concerns are valid and understandable. Emotions run deep on this subject and will for a very long time.

“World Trade Center,” which is scheduled to play at Fallon Theaters through Aug. 17 (Thursday), will likely be a painful experience for most viewers. It is no fun to watch people throwing themselves from buildings, people covered in blood frantically fleeing from the scene, and concrete, rebar and rubble crashing down on some of New York’s finest – the brave police officers and firemen who died while trying to save others. The ending also startles and saddens by reminding that only 20 people of thousands were pulled from the debris of the fallen Twin Towers.

Through all of this “World Trade Center” successfully delivers an important message – that every life is important, every life is worth saving, that every life touches others creating a ripple effect that moves through our entire society. It is a wonderful tribute to everyday Americans and the emergency services providers who put their lives on the line every day.

The other message that comes through loud and clear is the one first proclaimed by President Bush from Ground Zero: “We will never forget.”

We will never forget the sacrifices that Americans made that day. We will never forget the people who are responsible for this senseless and cowardly act. It is a good reminder of why our brave soldiers are defending our freedom in Iraq, Afghanistan, on the Mexican border and around the world.

– From the Fallon, Nev., Lahontan Valley News.

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