Your breasts are sacred |

Your breasts are sacred

To the editor:

Last weekend was Boarding for Beast Cancer and the Tahoe Daily Tribune gave a full page on the usually forbidden topic of breasts. Awesome! How about talking about a really preventative way of keeping healthy breasts – like loving them! Breasts are like people, they come in all different shapes and sizes, each set uniquely designed for that unique individual. Yet, 1992 studies showed that between 1.6 and two million U.S. women had breast implants and the demand has grown at the rate of 150,000 each year. And, get this, 80 percent of these operations were for purely cosmetic reasons, to enhance the appearance of perfectly normal breasts. Everywhere our teen-age girls look (TV shows, magazines, our casino shows, etc.) it is obvious that large breasts are considered sexier. It’s time we let them know that’s B.S.! It’s time we stopped betraying our young women and told them they were perfect, just the way they are.

Isn’t it a shame to have to resort to such drastic measures in order to feel good about ourselves and increase our self-esteem? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we taught our children respect, love and awe for their bodies? If we reminded them that each body is a miracle; a unique special house for Divine Spirit? If women could walk around proud of heir bodies and their breasts? Breasts, by the way, that were designed for the all-important job of nurturing the next generation, rather than solely as the object of pleasure for the opposite sex? While there is nothing wrong with that pleasure, it would be really ideal if women felt a deep connection and love for their breasts and delighted in the pleasure of them as well. Admit it, gals, if we were “allowed,” wouldn’t you love to take off your top in the summer and feel the beautiful warmth of the sun on your chest; that feeling of body/mind/soul connection?

If we called “breast augmentation” by its rightful name – mutilation of healthy, normal tissue – perhaps more women would think twice about it. Perhaps, too, if women had less of a feeling of ugliness and shame about their breasts and didn’t disconnect from them, there would be a lot less breast cancer. As Susun Weed states in her phenomenal book, “Breast Cancer? Breast Health!,” “The power of our breasts is the power of life … The power of your breasts is the power of life. Your breasts are sacred.” May we wear them proudly.

Hillary Bittman


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