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Osteoporosis observational study enrolling patients

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SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – Barton Osteoporosis & Bone Health physician, William Cottrell, MD, has partnered with Amgen pharmaceuticals to conduct a study to evaluate the drug Prolia (denosumab) – a medication approved by the FDA in July 2010 to treat postmenopausal women diagnosed with osteoporosis.

“At Lake Tahoe, we live in a relatively healthy community and people are always surprised to find out that osteoporosis can effect them too,” Cottrell said in a press release. “Patients often think that since their overall health is good, the last thing on their mind is if their bones are thin.”

The observational study, consisting of 600 patients in the U.S., is conducted at approved facilities across the country. Cottrell’s office was one of the 90 facilities selected as a patient study site. He was approved to conduct clinic trials on 20 patients and is currently administering Prolia to 16 patients.

During this observational study, patients are observed throughout the entire process to see how they respond to the medication, how they tolerate side effects, if they learned enough about the medication prior to participating in the trial and several other factors.

“Many of our patients involved in the study feel they are doing something good for other patients who may benefit from the drug in the future,” he adds. “It also allows patients who have tried other osteoporosis medications unsuccessfully in the past to try a new medication option.”

Each patient is closely followed for two-years. Cottrell anticipates completing enrollment in the next few months.

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For questions regarding Prolia and the study or patient referrals, please contact Cottrell’s office at 530-543-5490.