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Our Town: Charlie Brown and friends celebrate holiday traditions on ice

Sara Thompson
Jim Grant / Tahoe Daily TribuneSierra Purcell as Snoopy.

Christmas is here, and so are holiday traditions.

“A Charlie Brown tree” is common holiday slang for picking out a wimpy Christmas tree, but cartoonist Charles M. Schulz brought more to the holiday than figures of speech.

In 1965, his Peanuts characters became classic holiday icons, and “A Charlie Brown Christmas” turned into a must-see holiday film. In the movie, Charlie Brown struggles with the commercialism of Christmas while searching for the meaning of the holiday and how to convey the message to his friends.

This weekend, the Tahoe Figure Skating Club will bring Schulz’s characters to life in “Charlie Brown and Friends Christmas on Ice.” Saturday’s show is at 5:30 p.m., Sunday’s show is at 2:30 p.m. Performers from the show answered the following questions in character.

Jessica Pisenti, 12, is Charlie Brown; Raquel Marchesseault, 11, is Linus; and Sierra Purcell, 10, is Snoopy.

Charlie Brown: “I am very sad. I think the holiday is too commercialized.”

Linus: “Helping Charlie Brown when nothing goes right.”

Snoopy: “A silly dog who dances around.”

Charlie Brown: “I like it because it brings family together. I just like it a lot.”

Linus: “It’s the real Christmas spirit, not commercialism. It’s more of a natural Christmas. Being with friends and parents, even though you can’t see them.”

Snoopy: “Christmas means to me … well … a happy time to gather around a celebrate.”

Charlie Brown: “I’d get Snoopy a new doggy bowl, and I’d get Linus another blanket.”

Linus: “I’d get (Charlie Brown) a new hat and shirt.”

Snoopy: “I’d get Charlie Brown a new hat.”

Charlie Brown: “I like it because it’s a real tree, and I wish that my friends would like it.”

Linus: “I trust him, and it seems nice.”

Snoopy: “It could be good if it had some decorations.”

Charlie Brown: “I like it, because it’s fun to direct plays.”

Linus: “He doesn’t know much about the play. I help him learn what Christmas is all about.”

Snoopy: “I think it will be a disaster.”

Charlie Brown: “My best friend would have to be Linus, because we hang out most of the time.”

Linus: “Charlie Brown, mostly.”

Snoopy: “Frieda.”

Charlie Brown: “I have no idea. Maybe a gift card. It’s kinda hard, because I don’t see them.”

Linus: “I’d get them a wreath, or a gift card to Home Depot. Maybe a microphone so I can understand them.”

Snoopy: “A box of bones.”

Charlie Brown: “A mini-Christmas tree decorated with alphabet ornaments with a an apple on top instead of a star.”

Linus: “I’d get her a big, new pair of skates and a director’s chair.”

Snoopy: “A punch to the nose!”

Charlie Brown: “I’d get Woodstock a cool birdhouse.”

Linus: “I’d get him a new cane so he could dance with it.”

Snoopy: “I don’t know … a rubber band?”

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