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Our Town: Cookie-loving chiropractor calls for fiscal responsibility

Jim Grant / Tahoe Daily Tribune David Borges has been working as a chiropractor in South Lake Tahoe for 28 years.

David Borges was a young lad in 1965 when he moved to South Lake Tahoe from San Jose, Calif., with his family. He arrived with his father and mother, Sam and Rosie Borges, and two brothers, Dean and Don. Brother Dwight was born later at South Lake Tahoe.

After graduating from South Tahoe High School in 1972, Borges went on to become a chiropractic doctor and has been practicing his profession at Tahoe for the past 28 years. His work involves adjusting the bones of the spine to take pressure off the nerves in order for the nervous system to fully express itself to work toward healing and relieving pain.

He and his wife, Karen, who also is a chiropractic doctor, were married in 1979, and they have two daughters. Lisa is 26, and Brooke is 17.

Borges is actively involved in the community on many levels. He has been a club wrestling coach for 14 years, a member of Kiwanis Club of Lake Tahoe for 23 years and a longtime church member. He has been a waterskier for 50 years – he started participating in the sport at the age of 4 – and has been a runner for 30 years. A Tahoe historian for 22 years, Borges has taught Tahoe history classes at Lake Tahoe Community College for the past two years. He also has been teaching at chiropractic professional seminars for three years.

Here is how he answered the Tribune’s questions:

“Any cookie, any time. I prefer glycemic-index appropriate, if possible, but it is not required.”

“The most pressing issue is governmental spending obligations beyond workers’ retirement. Leaving bills we created to our grandchildren to pay off is inconceivable and immoral in my mind. I will not vote for governmental spending that cannot be repaid during my working career. I believe there should be a sliding age scale for future governmental spending. For example, if the vote is on a 30-year bond, then only 35-year-olds and younger should vote on the bill.”

“I’m reading ‘Fremont: Explore for a Restless Nation’ by Ferol Egan. It is a great biography of John C. Fremont, the first white person to record the sighting of Lake Tahoe on Feb. 14, 1844. I’m also reading the New King James version of the Bible on an ongoing basis.”

“Classical is definitely my favorite type of music – Johann Sebastian Bach’s fugues rock!”

“I do not believe in retirement. Working with people you truly enjoy on a daily basis at any occupation is my life’s work.”

“The safe answer – and the right answer – is my wife, Karen. She has an amazing foundation of love from the heart that continually impresses everyone who knows her.”

“Both spiritually and historically – Jesus Christ. Jesus is the single most important historical and spiritual figure that fulfilled all prophesies. Every time someone states what year it is in conversation or writing, I rejoice that the fact recognizes the importance of Jesus in history.”

“Overcoming disease and respecting human life are valued goals. In regard to cancer, most cures are within each person’s own ability to fight abnormal cells. It is the individual’s immune system’s strength that we should focus on, not the particular cellular dysfunction. I believe most wars would not start if the country thinking of war had to have grandmothers agree to a war effort before proceeding. If the grandmas say fight, then fight.”

“David Borges is an ordinary guy, who works and plays extraordinarily hard. I do as many things as I possibly can as well as I possibly can and build up those around me.”

“I get slightly annoyed when people give an impression of superiority over another human being. Everyone has a different talent, and no one is above another. My experience is preachers, doctors, politicians and teachers are not right 100 percent of the time. I learn from my patients, I learn from my students, I learn from my wrestlers and I learn from my friends.”

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