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Our Town: Earth, Wind & Fire and sushi fan firefighter’s flames

Jennie Tezak

Firefighter-paramedic Kelly Pettit, 42, works for the Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District. Pettit runs emergency and medical calls, fights fires and responds to ski injuries at resorts.

She was born in San Jose and has called South Lake Tahoe home for 20 years. Pettit’s loved ones say she derives great joy from helping people.

Pettit enjoys wakeboarding, exercising, reading and spending time with her family and friends.

Pettit has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Dan Lopez, for 8 1/2 years. Lopez, 41, works for the state as a supervisor.

Pettit’s friend, Gerri Pope, has worked as a cocktail waitress at Harveys for 19 years. The 47-year-old has been married for seven years.

Let’s see how well Pope and Lopez guessed Pettit’s answers:

1) What is your favorite food?

Pettit: “Sushi.”

Pope: “Ice cream and salad.”

Lopez: “Sushi.”

2) What is America’s most worrisome issue today? What is its greatest triumph? Why?

Pettit: “The war in Iraq, because we don’t know what’s going to happen. We need to finish what we started there, but everyone wants us to leave. The triumph of our country is having a democracy and the freedom that we have.”

Pope: “Global warming, because we’re in danger, and it’s scary. A triumph is 9/11 and the firefighters. She’s impressed with how America came together.”

Lopez: “The war in Iraq. It affects everyone in the United States. The triumph is how our medical field has adapted.”

3) What book are you currently reading?

Pettit: “I’m reading ‘Becoming a Better You,’ by Joel Osteen.”

Pope: “A book by JD Robb.”

Lopez: “A weight-loss book.”

4) What is your favorite song (or type of music)?

Pettit: “Old R & B and old Motown songs. My favorite song is ‘Reasons,’ by Earth, Wind & Fire.”

Pope: “Kelly likes variety. Earth, Wind & Fire, Matchbox Twenty and Daughtry. She loves country music.”

Lopez: “Earth, Wind & Fire. She likes all of their songs.”

5) If you could be in any profession other than your own, what would it be?

Pettit: “Teacher. It’s really important to teach children rights and wrongs. Children represent what the future will be like.”

Pope: “She’d go into the nursing field. She loves helping people and has a great gift for that.”

Lopez: “Nurse. She likes to help people.”

6) What living person do you most admire?

Pettit: “My father. He’s gone through a lot. He got divorced after 37 years and picked himself up and moved on.”

Pope: “A chief at her fire station.”

Lopez: “Her dad, because he’s always been there for her.”

7) What historical figure do you most admire?

Pettit: “Martin Luther King Jr., because he believed in equality for everyone. I think that’s very important.”

Pope: “I don’t know.”

Lopez: “I don’t know.”

8) If you were single and had to marry a famous person, who would it be and why?

Pettit: “No one. I am happy with who I’m with.”

Pope: “A hot guy on some soap opera.”

Lopez: “Some guy Patrick from ‘Days of Our Lives.’ ”

9) Which would you choose if you had the chance – to go back in time to prevent World War II, or discover a cure for all cancers?

Pettit: “Discover a cure for all cancers. We lost a lot of people in World War II, but cancer will kill more people than the wars put together.”

Pope: “Cancer, because that is her personality.”

Lopez: “Cancer. She loves helping people. She’s a people person. She cares about everyone.”

10) If you were stranded on an island with the basic amenities to survive, what one personal item would you take?

Pettit: “A toothbrush. It’s important to have a clean mouth. I don’t want to have raging halitosis in case I get rescued.”

Pope: “Cell phone. Kelly loves the phone.”

Lopez: “A razor, so she can shave her legs.”

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