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Our Town: Marie Busch at center of tight-knit community

Dan Thrift

Jim Grant / Tahoe Daily Tribune

Like a favorite family afghan passed down from generation to generation, The Wool Tree has lived on in the same way.

Founded by Lorita Krajewski, The Wool Tree is a knitting and accessories supply store celebrating 10 years in business.

It sold to Bonnie Lincoln, and two years ago, Marie Busch took over.

“We are all friends and wanted to keep this business going. This is a gathering place,” Busch said while relaxing with a cup of tea at the knitting table.

Busch, who has two daughters and three grandchildren, sees her store as a representation of what Tahoe is really like.

“This store is a destination for people from all over. During the Angora fire, I was getting calls from all over the world wanting to know how we were and how they could help; the knitting community is very close,” Busch said.

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“The people who come here aren’t interested in the other end of town. They come here and next door (Sprouts) to get a feel of a mountain town,” Busch added. “They go to Red Hut.”

Busch moved here with her husband of 43 years to become a full-time resident in 2006, and with her associate’s degree in business, owning The Wool Tree was a natural fit with her favorite hobby, knitting.

Here is how Busch responded to the Tribune’s questions:

I would like people to say, “Gee, I’m going to miss her sourdough cinnamon rolls.”

The loss of too many of our mainstream citizens in Tahoe. These people have moved off the hill down to the valley because they can’t afford housing here. Now, we have a plethora of huge, empty vacation homes and empty neighborhoods.

Someone with a strong financial background to lead the country out of this crisis.

Going to lunch with my friends.

I would have kept a journal.

Bill Gates, because he is doing things to help people in the United States.

Eleanor Roosevelt: She stepped beyond herself and her shyness, and put service to others first. And did you know she was an avid knitter?

My brother Eldon. He lives in Chula Vista, and I just don’t get to see him often enough.

The Pulitzer Prize, because these are awarded for contributions to benefit others.

You know, I have really wrestled with this question, and I think that is good: This country has so much more to be proud of than to be embarrassed by. I choose to look at the glass half-full and am grateful to be living the best country in the world.