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Our Town: Student stands out from the crowd with array of activities

Dan Thrift

Jonah M. Kessel / Tahoe Daily Tribune

Hannah Kropf is busy, and she likes it that way.

Between her roles as Associated Student Body president at South Tahoe High School, singer in the choir, varsity tennis player and swimmer, she always is on the go.

As ASB president, Kropf reports to the Lake Tahoe Unified School District every two weeks, giving updates on life at the school. She sees that duty as a small part of her role as president.

“I want to make the students proud of their school and their community,” Kropf said. ” I, with the help of the council, get to do a lot of fun stuff to help build pride. Preparing for school dances, running the Mr. Viking pageant and homecoming are a blast. Some people at school don’t seem to have fun. I say, why not make the best of it and enjoy yourself.”

A Barton baby of 17 years, Kropf has been involved in student government from her time at St. Theresa Catholic School and all through high school. She also is an avid sports fan whose favorite sport is one she doesn’t participate in, baseball, and her love of sports is helping her choose a career: sports broadcasting.

“I don’t want to be in the studio reading from the prompter; I want to be out on the field improvising,” Kropf said.

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She has an older brother, Zachary, 19, whom she credits her abilities and successes to.

“Without him paving the way for me, I wouldn’t be the person I am today,” Kropf said. “We’re very close; he’s always supporting me.”

Her father, Christopher, is a local real-estate agent.

Here’s how Kropf answered the Tribune’s questions:

As someone who has had a positive impact and initiated things, and then got them done.

Schools. Personally, I’m a very driven person, but there needs to be more support inside and outside the classroom. With the town changing, we’ve lost some of our support system. We need to get students excited about school.

It doesn’t matter who the president is; he’s just a puppet. I choose everybody; that’s how it works.

Sports. There’s competition, but it revolves around fun. You can be very intense and work hard practicing, but in the end, it comes down to fun.

Travel more. I have issues with travel, but I’m learning to get through it.

My brother. He has been there and supported me, and helped me become a better person.

The suffragettes. Women today owe a lot to them. Their courage was incredible.

The Dalai Lama. He seems so happy and content; he’s happy with who he is. Today, it seems people aren’t content with themselves, always wanting more; he’s not.

I love the water – I even did the Alcatraz-to-San Francisco swim – so a gold medal in swimming.

When we come down on other countries for doing the same we have done; we’re just better at hiding it.