Passover is about to begin |

Passover is about to begin

Rabbi Evon J. Yakar
Temple Bat Yam

The Jewish celebration of Passover commemorates the Biblical account of the Israelites Exodus from Egypt. It is a tale of triumph, of challenge and of transformation. It is about the triumph of freedom over slavery, the challenge to an oppressive force and the transformation of a people to take charge of their own destiny.

During the holiday, Jews around the world gather to retell the Exodus story through engaging rituals, traditional storytelling and inviting questions. It is this holiday that serves as a pedagogic tool in our Jewish faith for the next generation. We are inspired to frame this retelling so that each generation sees itself as if they were slaves in Egypt and went free with Moses. It is a ritual of an ordered meal, called a Seder, that provides the framework for these rituals and the storytelling. One of the key items involved in the Seder meal is matzah, unleavened bread. It is taught that when the Israelites were fleeing Egypt, there was not sufficient time for their bread to rise. Therefore, we include matzah, unleavened bread, in the Passover ritual as a reminder that our escape, our preparation, too, was hurried. Matzah is the original “fast food.”

Join us for any or all of our Passover celebration. This year, Temple Bat Yam and Adventure Rabbi are teaming up for a series of programs to learn about the Passover story and celebrate the holiday.

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