Peaks & Valleys: Bright spots and challenges in South Lake Tahoe (commentary) |

Peaks & Valleys: Bright spots and challenges in South Lake Tahoe (commentary)


• The outpouring of public support for South Lake Tahoe’s new Bijou Bike Park, the result of one man’s vision and a private/public partnership.

It takes a village to get things done, and Tahoe Daily Tribune can’t wait to see what the community thinks up next.

• The success of South Lake Tahoe’s 50th anniversary parade.

It’s amazing to think that within a lifetime, our hometown was born, and has since grown and flourished. And with new businesses, young families returning to town, and big development projects in the works, it’s exciting to see how the area will grow and change. Here’s to the next 50!

• The successful run of the new On Course Park concerts this summer.

Summer in South Lake Tahoe is synonymous with outdoor entertainment for locals and visitors alike. We hope the music scene keeps growing, and we look forward to enjoying outdoor concerts next year.

• Tahoe Daily Tribune welcomes new staff members.

With a new managing editor and reporter, Tahoe Daily Tribune is poised for expanded editorial coverage focused on South Lake Tahoe’s unique vibe — expect to see more faces, things to do, food, hyper-local business coverage and more. Regarding upgrades at the Tribune’s building on Harrison Avenue, construction is underway. Progress is happening …


• South Lake Tahoe city councilwoman JoAnn Conner was recently forbidden to talk to city staff.

It’s unfortunate that personal conduct caused a breakdown in communication between city officials and staff; it inhibits community development and growth by stalling those who can truly make a difference. This situation also draws attention to the importance of participating in city elections, researching candidates and — simply put — being involved in community discourse in a positive way. Conner was widely endorsed during the 2012 election, which brings to light the importance of doing due diligence relative to the representatives we elect. When city council seats open in 2016, Tahoe Daily Tribune encourages every eligible citizen to get involved and vote.

• Traffic congestion rears its ugly head.

Late-summer construction brought midtown traffic to a relative standstill during weekdays of late. A trip to or from the “Y” is met with delays, single-lane driving, flaggers — and ultimately, frustration.

That said, isn’t this a “peak,” too? Construction is a huge positive in so many ways; improving roads and seeing visitors in town is definitely a good thing. It not only showcases continued investment in our lakeside community; it means tourism dollars are flowing into local businesses.

• Ironman cancels future Lake Tahoe events.

It was recently reported that Ironman will not return to Lake Tahoe’s North Shore in 2016. This announcement came on the heels of last weekend’s event, which to many area businesses spelled success in terms of recreation-focused visitors. Losing this event due to “poor environmental and weather conditions” is a detriment to the Lake Tahoe region. We hope Ironman decision-makers change their minds. This event truly fits in with Tahoe’s recreation-focused vibe, and it’s a bright spot to the area.

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