Publisher’s Perspective: Pink Heavenly and silver linings (Opinion) |

Publisher’s Perspective: Pink Heavenly and silver linings (Opinion)

Rob Galloway / Publisher's Perspective
Pink Heavenly is Saturday, March 21, at Heavenly Mountain Resort.

I’d have to imagine that the number of people in this world that haven’t been affected in one way or another by cancer is quite small compared to the number that have. Whether it was a family member, a friend, someone you grew up with, or even a friend of a friend, they all tend to have ripple effects — some much larger than others, for certain.

Depending on your personal situations, it’s those ripple effects that tend to push us closer to shore or further out to sea. Either way, we have to ride those tides without a steering wheel because with cancer, you don’t know where you’ll ultimately end up. There are treatments and alternatives but every cancer and situation is unique.

One that’s hitting home with me just happens to be one of my best and oldest friends. I’m not certain how many of you are lucky enough to have a friend that you grew up with from a young age, played sports with, and are still close friends to this day, but he is one of those.

In the roughly 33 years we’ve known each other, we’ve never strayed too far away from connecting. We were at each other’s weddings, our kids know and play together, our wives let us hang out on our own (sometimes which can be scary), but we’ve been a part of each other’s lives through many adventures.

In late 2017 we found out he had stage 3 lung cancer. For those of you that are familiar with the terminology, you’ll know that’s not the greatest diagnosis.

His wife and three kids were shook. His family and friends (myself included) were shook. Not only is he a great friend, he’s an even better human being. For a person with lung cancer that didn’t smoke, it personified the fact that the world isn’t fair.

This is not a sad or happy story. This story has no ending … yet.

Through hard work, determination, prayers and help from health professionals he has managed to control the disease.

He is living a life as a husband, a father, and a friend, while still maintaining exactly who he was before he received the news that changed his life.

None of that could have been done without many things. One of which being cancer support services.

On Saturday, March 21 at Heavenly Mountain Resort, Pink Heavenly will aim to turn the snow-covered trails pink with people. (The event has since been canceled)

This event is a fundraiser for Barton Health’s Cancer Support Services. And while the event carries the word “pink,” this event is not just about breast cancer. This event goes to support all kinds of cancer.

If you have ever been touched by this disease, large ripple or small, consider the cause that is an important service to the community.

Beating cancer takes many people in many supporting roles. Your support will make a difference.

In my friend’s words, “It’s really humbling when you have that kind of support.”

It’s also really humbling to see this community show up and support time and time again. Your support, whether large or small, never goes unnoticed — especially to those to who need it most.

Publisher Rob Galloway can be reached at or 530-542-8046.

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