Pints and Paddles – hey, ho, let’s go: God save the Queen |

Pints and Paddles – hey, ho, let’s go: God save the Queen

Tim Parsons

The Tahoe Queen will be making new waves Saturday – Pints and Paddles is going punk.

The Marones, a group that celebrates the music of the Ramones, will perform during the Queen’s third Pints and Paddles cruise. The boat heads out at 5:30 p.m.

The quintet assumes the Marones name and plays in Ramones style. Danny Marone even plays guitar in Ramones fashion, down-strumming the chords.

Danny Marone called the Ramones the first punk rock band.

“In the early ’70s there was a lot of bloated, decadent and excessive rock ‘n’ roll, and the Ramones were direct opposite of that. They wanted to be stripped down to the basics of everything. They played two-minute songs with no guitar solos. They set the template for every other band that’s played punk rock since.”

Formed in 2001, the Marones know about a third of the Ramones’ 189 songs.

“Everybody thinks we’re a 1-2-F-U punk band, which isn’t true,” Andy Marone said. “We play high energy rock ‘n’ roll.”

Danny Marone looks fondly at the origin of punk.

“Back then it was us against them, unlike today, where punk rock has become a fashion, not a movement,” he said. “Punks were the trouble-making skateboarding outcasts, metalheads were stupid BMXers with jean jackets, and the goths were still the pale weirdos they are today.”

The entry fee for Pints and Paddles is $29, which includes a German-style buffet, a beer and a souvenir mug.

“We’ve found a good local following,” said Carol Chaplin, the Queen’s director of sales and marketing. “It’s different venue for a live band, and with beer and the buffet, it’s a pretty good value.”

Adam Marone guarantees a good show.

“We’re gonna rock the boat with no titanic consequences,” he said.

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