Placer County receives fewer housing allocations from TRPA |

Placer County receives fewer housing allocations from TRPA

Kara Fox

TAHOE CITY – Contractors and Placer County planners are concerned about the reduction of housing allocations the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency handed the county last week for 2006 – eight fewer than last year.

The reduction of allocations means fewer homes can be built on vacant residential lots in the Lake Tahoe Basin on the Placer County side next year. The county introduced a lottery system a few years ago to hand out its allocations – an allocation allows residents to start the process of building a home. If the allocation is not used in the year it is given, it is lost and doesn’t roll over into the next year.

El Dorado County received 62 allocations for 2006, not including South Lake Tahoe which received another 26 allocations. Douglas County got 13 and Washoe County received 31 residential allocations.

“The county is very concerned,” said Allen Breuch, Placer County supervising planner in Tahoe. “We have clients that want to build. The county is looking at ways to make it work.”

Placer County received 50 allocations from TRPA last year and only 42 this year. Last year, 54 applications were received from Tahoe residents in Placer County asking for allocations.

Although the other jurisdictions received fewer allocations this year as well, Placer County planners point out that their county makes up the most land mass in the basin and has the highest number of vacant buildable lots.

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The allocations each county receives is based on TRPA-adopted criteria that includes permit compliance, implementation of Environmental Improvement Program projects, Best Management Practices retrofitting and transit improvements, according to a memo given to the TRPA Performance Review Committee. The review committee is composed of representatives from all five jurisdictions and they vote to approve the allocations each year.