Plenty of love left from Australia’s Air Supply

Lake Tahoe Action
Air Supply is in the South Shore Room Saturday.

Air Supply is blowing into town, and the duo of Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock certainly provide a cool breeze.

“We just played in Australia and we had some of the best reviews of our career there,” Russell told Lake Tahoe Action before a 2010 show. “We’re getting great reviews all over the world. We’ve been around for 35 years but now we’re really digging in and hoping for new things with this new record.”

Like in Wisconsin where the term “cheesehead” is used with pride, so it is with the “Airheads” who continue to sell out arenas.

“Our fans are legion and severe,” Russell said. “If we play a brand-new song one evening, it’s on Facebook or MySpace an hour after we get offstage. And they all know it the next time we play.”

As has been its bent over four decades, Air Supply will play a mix of its classic hits along with new ones at Saturday’s concert at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe.

Expect some songs from the May 2010 album “Mumbo Jumbo,” along with the timeless pieces.

“I never get tired of playing “Lost in Love” or “All Out of Love,” Russell said. “We’ve had so many hit songs and it’s great to play them, and it’s great people like it when you do play them.”

“Mumbo Jumbo” is a concept album with 14 songs, he said.

“It’s a story about a young man who wants to go out in the world and discover life for himself, and he comes across different people that don’t understand what he means when he said he wants to find the meaning of things. They don’t understand what he means and they say, ‘That’s all mumbo jumbo.’ “

Russell and Hitchcock met when they were paired as apostles in a 1975 Australian musical production of “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

“We just became great friends straight away,” Russell said. “It was almost predestined that we work together.”

Although Russell was from Britain and Hitchcock Australia, they have much in common. They share the same name, were born in the same month and both loved The Beatles.

“We’ve never had an argument in our career and we get on famously,” Russell said. “He’s the lead singer and my responsibility is the songs, and that’s what I love to do. It’s a great relationship. We don’t invade each other’s territory at all. It’s a very democratic way we operate. We are very passionate people and if there were any others involved, who knows if we would even still be here.”

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