Post Office boxes in search of a home |

Post Office boxes in search of a home

To the editor:

OK, now you’ve done it. This Redevelopment Project looks very pretty with the gondola, ice rink, snazzy boutiques, and time-shares, but you, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and City Council, forgot something – Park Avenue Post Office. For 11 years my address has been a P.O. Box and zip code 96157 and I’m sure there are hundreds of people who, for many more years, called Park Avenue Post Office their address.

The article in the Tahoe Daily Tribune on April 12 scared me. So much thought about time-share and none to local concern about their mail. The article stated that our mail may be in limbo – no place to go – and within two weeks has to find a home.

My main concern is where they relocate, will I keep my same P.O. Box number and zip code? None of these were mentioned in the April 12 article. If there is a change in P.O. Box number or zip code, when do we find out, and whose responsibility is it to notify those who are used to our address? Do I have to change the address on my driver’s license and checks, send out change of address cards to everyone I know?

Have the powers-that-be thought that maybe we need one less boutique in this town and keep our post office where it is? Since when does a City Council relocate a federal building that was here, dedicated in 1962?

Hello, those-in-charge – I need to know where my bills, magazines and possible checks might be delivered. And sooner than two weeks.

Casey Clark, South Lake Tahoe

Crawford falls short in role of ‘watchdog’

To the editor:

As a fairly new resident, I have read your letters column and editorials with interest as I learn about the community. I finally feel compelled to write. The issue of City Councilman Bill Crawford’s behavior was the reason, as well as your editorial.

Everyone is giving this man way too much credit for being a public watchdog. From my observations, watching him on the local TV channel, he has a certain arrogance and self-righteousness that reminds me of the televangelists who preach one thing to good Christian followers, but are then caught doing quite another thing when the cameras aren’t on. It is very clear to me, after this latest incident of attempted physical violence on one of his constituents, that he isn’t in possession of the facts needed to warrant our listening to his “sky is falling” message. I don’t know if anyone else was offended by Mr. Crawford’s statement that he was more important than those he was meeting with, but I for one found that a very telling statement of his inner thoughts.

Your editorial, attempting to be fair and even, I feel, missed an important point. Newspapers are the defenders, in many cases, of the freedom of speech. I thought that you, Ms. Fortier, should have expressed more outrage that Mr. Crawford was attempting to take away that First Amendment right from the man whom he was attacking. It certainly has a chilling effect on a person such as myself to think that if I were to go before the City Council or one of its commissions I would face possible humiliation, abuse and/or physical assault. This would most likely ensure my silence, which may be Mr. Crawford’s tactic. I understand that he would rather his constituents not get involved, but just allow the elected officials to make all of the decisions for us.

I would hope that the Tahoe Daily Tribune will defend us, the members of the public, more vigorously from Mr. Crawford’s attempt to silence us in the future.

One last word. It is a common ploy of this type of abusive person to paint themselves as the victim who is just doing their patriotic duty to protect us poor ignorant citizens. They will always cry “conspiracy” and enlist their followers to protect them from the “evil ones” who have figured out their game plan. I am not a member of the group of people who are attempting to get ball fields and bike trails, but if I were, I would be preparing myself for the certain attack that Mr. Crawford will make in order to draw the attention away from his vile and detestable behavior.

I hope he doesn’t get away with it!

Tamara L. Little, South Lake Tahoe

Community needs to get behind STAR

To the editor:

The issue at hand is the future of our children and the city of South Lake Tahoe. The S.T.A.R. project was formed to provide both with viable options in regard to recreation. We cannot cloud these issues of the S.T.A.R. program with the turmoil that is surrounding Councilmember Crawford’s effort to undermine this program. Our concerns should be for the youth of our community.

For many years now I have been associated with coaching and managing youth sports. I have not only coached both AYSO Soccer, Little League, and Babe Ruth, but I have also been a referee and umpire. Therefore, over the past 13 years I have watched the overuse and lack of adequate youth sports fields and facilities. As a current board member of Babe Ruth, I know firsthand the difficulties of organizing teams for practice and play. Youth organizations are constantly fighting over the use of fields, field times, and weekend dates. Our parks, sports fields and bike trails are constantly in use.

Over the years I have fought for Golden Bear and many other projects, just to see them slip through some sort of bureaucratic crack, never to surface again with the same vitality. In the past five to 10 years, I have watched soccer grow from 400 kids to more than 1,500. Adult leagues’ use of fields has grown threefold. When you look at 1,500 soccer players, 900 Little League, 300 Babe Ruth, 300 adult soccer players, and more than 500 for softball, you know our fields are being overused. These numbers do not take into account the Youth Football Program, seniors, and South Tahoe Middle School and South Tahoe High School participation. To just make matters worse, most of the use takes place during a six-month time frame.

It is imperative that we as a city and a community support our youth. Youth Associated Sports Programs keep our kids off the streets and out of trouble. Parents can get involved with their kids in a positive, healthy way. Rather than getting involved in gangs, graffiti, and carousing, kids can express their free spirit and emotions through recreation. By parents, grandparents, and community members getting involved with the youth in this city, they can channel their enthusiasm into recreation. In this way we can keep them active, together in groups, and safe.

Take a drive and view our fields and bike trails for yourself. During the spring and fall if you wander by any of our sports fields, you can see for yourself how crowded these fields actually are. Look at the bike trails where adults and kids are riding their bikes inches from the flow of traffic. How safe can this be? The bike trails are not only congested, but the lack of adequate bike trails force locals and tourists to ride on sidewalks and streets. Keep this in mind when you decide if you will support the S.T.A.R. project.

The S.T.A.R. project will allow our community to not only keep youth busy on playing fields and bike trails, but it will also offer them a much-needed ice rink. The kids in our city deserve our undivided attention and our support of the S.T.A.R. project. Don’t let Councilmember Crawford put a dark cloud over this project with his negativity. You be the judge!

Patrick J. Reardon – Parks and Recreation commissioner, City of South Lake Tahoe

STAR measure can wait for November

To the editor:

I am troubled by reports that some officials are considering holding a special election for a recreation bond in South Lake Tahoe. Administering such a special election would cost some $30,000 and is fiscally imprudent. There is very little reason not to wait another 60 days and place the bond measure on the regular ballot in November and put the $30,000 to better use elsewhere. This is one of those rare times when it is hopefully possible for government to avoid making a costly mistake before it is made. Besides, the turnout would be better with the regular election in November. Who can argue with that? It was comforting to see the results of last week’s Tahoe Daily Tribune poll (special election) and find that others feel as I do.

Thanks for listening.

Eli Chandler, South Lake Tahoe

Follow the money to find STAR’s merits

To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for presenting the debate between the supporters of S.T.A.R. and Councilmember Bill Crawford on the merits of the proposed recreation plan. In the past, I have not been a supporter of Mr. Crawford, but this time the questions that he raises are significant and are of concern to me.

Three things really bother me. First, if the supporters of S.T.A.R. are really concerned about saving taxpayer money, why hold a special election in September with a November general election only two months away? Some say it is to focus voter attention solely on the recreation issue. I submit, and election return statistics bear out, that special elections have a lower voter turnout than general or primary elections. If the S.T.A.R. supporters want a more accurate assessment of voter sentiment, combine this ballot question with the November election – or are they afraid of a larger voter turnout?

Secondly, I am troubled by the financing of the S.T.A.R. effort. Who is financing this effort? Mr. Upton, in his letter printed on these pages, did not once mention where the money is coming from. During the Watergate scandal, the infamous “Deep Throat” advised Woodward and Bernstein to “follow the money.” It seems time that if S.T.A.R. will not voluntarily list the financial contributors to this effort, then maybe an impartial bit of investigative reporting on the part of the Tahoe Daily Tribune is in order.

Lastly, why is Mr. Upton receiving $3,000 per month to lead this election effort? Our community has successfully supported ballot initiatives to fund our libraries and school improvements that were led by volunteers. This aspect of the S.T.A.R. effort leads me to question whether this is really about the recreational needs of our community or is there some hidden agenda?

David Ritter, South Lake Tahoe

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