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Pot card doesn’t carry weight with Douglas judge

The Record-Courier

A 31-year-old South Lake Tahoe man faces prison if he uses marijuana while on probation over the next five years, even if he does have a prescription from a California doctor.

Ian D. Gibson was sentenced to a suspended 12-30 month prison term after he sold marijuana.

Defense attorney Kris Brown said that if the case went to trial, she would argue her client was the victim of entrapment.

Gibson has a marijuana card in California, which raised some questions for District Judge Dave Gamble.

Gibson said he had pain from a dislocated shoulder and a compressed disk.

Gibson was ordered not to use marijuana or alcohol for five years while he is on probation.

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“Even if it’s legally allowed by the state of California,” Gamble said. “To me it’s just like any other controlled substance.”