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Power pole cat uses up nine lives

Tracy Tierney

Shannon Litz / Tribune News Service/ The cat that was shocked, caught fire and fell off a power pole has died.

GARDNERVILLE – On his way to what looked like a full recovery, the Topaz Ranch Estates cat shocked and burned by a 25,000-volt power line earlier this month died at Carson Valley Veterinary Hospital.

Veterinarian Stephen Talbot had been treating the feline, and the cat seemed to be doing well until he went into a semi-coma, Talbot said Monday.

“He did well the first four or five days,” said Talbot, who added that the cat died from an electrical current that gradually caused substantial tissue damage. “Unfortunately, the electrical current killed too many body cells for him to make it. It takes about a week for the tissue to die.”

Talbot said the cat began to experience swelling all over his body and that he stopped eating and drinking shortly after.

“I knew we were going to be in trouble at that point,” he said. The cat died on Friday.

The staff, including the kitty’s soon-to-be owner and Talbot tried everything they could to help revive the animal.

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“We gave him everything we could. We had him on IV fluids, antibiotics, pain medication and oxygen,” Talbot said. “The system sort of shut down. I don’t think he suffered.

“(The new owner) put in a tremendous effort. She gave him saline baths several times a day, and she tried to get him to pull him through.”

According to the doctor, the cat will be cremated.

“We always give our very best shot,” Talbot said. “A lot of people were rooting for him.”