Prevent-A-Litter promotion aims to reduce the number of unwanted pets |

Prevent-A-Litter promotion aims to reduce the number of unwanted pets

Provided to the TribuneSpay or neuter your pets now to keep new homes available for shelter pets. Participate in the Prevent-A-Litter campaign and save money.

Each winter, a special effort is made to help people alter their pets before spring puppy and kitten season. The Lake Tahoe Humane Society and SPCA sponsors Prevent-A-Litter (PAL) reduced-cost surgery. The promotion kicks off during the national Spay Day USA February campaign.

Every cat or dog who is spayed or neutered offers up to five more years of loving companionship. Preventing litters also keeps more new homes available for pets at the county shelter. Taking responsible care of Tahoe animals nurtures a culture of kindness and compassion in the community.

Pets from 12 to 16 weeks of age are ready for the safe, simple surgery. Having “just one litter” or waiting until a pet is older provides no benefit for cats or dogs. Waiting increases bad behavior and health risks. To make it easy to do now, Tahoe pet owners can save money with PAL vouchers and receive added benefits.

— No heat cycles, therefore males will not be attracted.

— Less desire to roam.

— Risk of mammary gland tumors, ovarian and/or uterine cancer is reduced or eliminated, especially if done before the first heat cycle.

— Reduces number of unwanted cats/kittens/dogs/puppies.

— Helps dogs and cats live three to five years longer, healthier lives.

— Reduces or eliminates risk of spraying and marking.

— Less desire to roam, therefore less likely to be injured in fights or auto accidents.

— Risk of testicular cancer is eliminated, and decreases incidence of prostate disease.

— Reduces number of unwanted cats/kittens/dogs/puppies.

— Decreases aggressive behavior, including dog bites.

— Helps dogs and cats live three to five years longer, healthier lives.

— Double license fees.

— Higher “running loose” fines.

— Higher probability (60 percent) of enlarged prostate, breast cancer and other diseases.

— Higher dog-bite liability, because most bites (76 percent) are by unaltered males.

— Cost of cleaning cat spray marking or dog in heat discharge.

— Cost of higher/more secure fencing or a stronger screen door.

— Vet bills for territorial fight wounds (80 percent of aggressive dogs are intact) and traffic accidents (85 percent of dogs hit by cars are unaltered).

— Vet bills for pregnancy, delivery, vaccinations, deworming and premium foods.

— Advertising fees for kittens or puppies.

— Total potential of well more than $1,000 in added pet-care costs.

Spay and neuter is the right thing to do for you, your pet and Tahoe’s homeless animals. Residents are urged to pass the word about the special PAL spay-neuter program.

To take advantage of the reduced-cost offer, call the Lake Tahoe Humane Society and SPCA at (530) 542-2857.

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