Prevent Frozen Pipes

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SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – While dreaming of a white Christmas, don’t let frozen pipes ruin your holiday. To prevent the damage and expense of frozen pipes, follow these tips.

Winterizing Tips

1. Insulate exposed pipes or faucets.

2. Seal holes and cracks in exterior walls, foundation and around pipes.

3. Locate your home shut-off valve and shovel it regularly so you can access it during a water emergency.

4. Log-in to WaterSmart to update your emergency contact information and be automatically signed up to receive leak notifications:

Going on Vacation?

Before leaving your home for more than a day or two during cold winter months:

1. Turn off your home shut-off valve.

2. Open indoor and outdoor faucets to drain pipes. Close faucets once drained.

3. Open bedroom, bathroom, and closet doors, and cabinet doors under your kitchen and bathroom sink to allow warm air to circulate.

4. Keep thermostat set at 65 degrees.

Frozen Pipes?

1. Turn water off at your home shut off valve.

2. Open a faucet near the frozen point, wrap the frozen pipe with a towel and repeatedly pour hot water over the towel.

South Tahoe Public Utility District is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In an emergency, call the Customer Service Department at 530-544-6474.


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