Psychic fair: It’s not rocket science |

Psychic fair: It’s not rocket science

The picture of my aura was dominated by red, white and yellow, but a strong hint of violet encircled my head and shoulders.

“That means you’re very creative,” said Lucille Snyder, who photographs auras.

Snyder was one of more than 20 people demonstrating psychic wares at the annual psychic fair sponsored by the Reno Psychic Institute. The fair was held at the Horizon Casino Resort Saturday and Sunday.

Apparently the contrasting colors in the aura meant that I am both creative and intellectual and that I use both my body and mind to explore the world.

It sounded confusing to me.

“Aura photography serves a really urgent purpose,” Snyder said, “because a lot of people are looking for creative guidance … or they are searching because they are stuck.”

The pictures are taken with the help of a computer program which reads energy vibrations in your hand and turns them into visual images. The technology has been available for only 10 years and the equipment costs more than $30,000.

Snyder has been taking aura photographs for nearly a decade and also practices holistic medicine in Sacramento.

The readings she gives are accurate, according to Snyder, who said, “It gives people a sense of validation to know what their energy is.”

Some friends told Charles Cooper about the fair, and he came casually looking for some answers.

“I am looking for someone who reads auras,” he said. “I suffer from a pretty critical and analytical mind and I don’t always like it when my mind picks things apart.”

Cooper had not found quite what he was looking for but said, “something might jump out at me.”

“I grew up in a very Christian home where everything was on one path, and very narrow,” he said. “So everything I see here is interesting.”

Pausing by Snyder’s booth, Cooper listened to her describe her process but didn’t sit for a photograph. Two teen-age girls were interested but thought it was too expensive.

Everything at the fair seemed to cost $20, including tarot readings and horoscopes.

A South Lake Tahoe company called was at the fair demonstrating how people can receive complete readings online. The site also offers monthly horoscopes and information about love relationships.

The 4,000-year-old practice of astrology is based on a natal chart which is a map of the solar system at a person’s time of birth.

“How the planets are aligned can help create a personality,” said Kristy Nardini who started the company three years ago with her husband.

“I am excited about the ability to do this online and share astrology around the world,” she said. “We have people who come back and they say it was scary how real it is.”

Another woman who was serious about predicting the future was Christina Anderson, a horticulturist from Medford, Ore., who reads tarot cards.

“A reading is a gift of hindsight in advance,” she said. “I don’t see anything as written in stone.”

When Anderson did a partial reading for me she described me almost as Snyder had, but said the five of cups that I had pulled from the deck indicated a tendency to be depressed, which depressed me.

“Tarot is really complex,” she said. “Don’t worry, this reading is just like Tarot 101.”

One person at the fair who seems to offer some perspective on the conflicts and vagaries of the psychic world was Craig Lipman, whose company sells Tibetan art and prayer flags.

“What everything here has in common is that it is concerned with spirituality,” he said. “No one can have a monopoly on the spirit.”

Still, as Lipman listened to a chakra seminar and watched people lie down for healing massages, he had to admit that people do some strange things.

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