Psychic says 2003 will be ‘radical’ year |

Psychic says 2003 will be ‘radical’ year

Wildfires, wicked weather, high-end restaurants on Highway 50, Barry Bonds contemplating retirement, a revolving door of retailers at the Marriott complex.

These are just some of psychic Dayle Schear’s predictions for 2003. Reread this in a year to know if they came true.

The resident psychic who lives on top of Kingsbury Grade and has a regular show at the Horizon that will start up again Jan. 27 isn’t hesitant to talk about what is in store of us in the coming year — or the end of this one.

“I hear a large bang. I’m not sure what it is … if it is bad or good,” Schear said of New Year’s Eve. “There will be too many teenagers, too many young kids. That could create havoc. Security has to be stepped up.”

Festivities will be wild and zany, more so indoors because of the cold and snow, she said. That is why she warns that security at Nero’s and the Altitude night clubs should be heavier than usual.

We are going to survive the revelry and wake to a sunny New Year’s Day.

Nasty weather in Lake Tahoe is going to be here throughout the year. Schear says we are on a wild, repetitive pattern of hurricane-strength winds, sleet, snow and drought. Just when we have survived one weather phenomenon, we will be “slam dunked again,” she said. A powerful storm in April or June is likely.

“This is the year for the most unpredictable storms and weather that we’ll see in the history of the next five years,” Shear said. “Expect the unexpected. It will be radical.”

This past week Schear said she has been particularly in tune with what is going to happen. It’s all the negative ions floating around from the rain and snow. Negative ions increase ESP ability, especially in natural-born psychics like herself.

In the summer there will be rain, hail, dry periods, wind, heat and cold. There will be wildfires much like this past summer, but there will be no loss of life or major loss of forest. However, Shear does predict another fire burning toward the Kingsbury area much like last July’s Gondola fire.

She is sticking by her prediction of years ago that a convention center will be built in South Lake Tahoe — when it will be built is a question she doesn’t have the answer to.

But those conventioneers are not likely to be flying on a commercial jet into Lake Tahoe Airport, according to Schear.

“They will make several attempts (to get air service here),” Schear said. She won’t rule out the possibility altogether, but said if it were to happen, it would be in the next five to 10 years.

As long as Paul Middlebrook is publisher of the Tahoe Daily Tribune, Schear doesn’t foresee the paper cutting back on the number of days it publishes.

Highway 50’s facade is likely to change, with the west side getting a face-lift as all the old buildings go by the wayside.

“I see a lot more posh restaurants on Highway 50, more artsy places,” Schear said. “I see major changes in business on Highway 50, more coffee shops.”

Retailers will be cashing in on a good ski season. But things at the Marriott complex are not all good, according to Schear. She calls it a “bad luck thing” near the gondola.

“They need to have a crosswalk for people or people are going to die left and right. They need a walkway or a bridge, or they will suffer with fatality after fatality and cars spinning out on the ice,” Schear said.

Rents are too high for businesses to be successful in the complex that opened just weeks ago. She said the owners are going about it all wrong by charging such exorbitant rent. She predicts 70-80 percent of the retailers will not survive because of the high rents.

“It will thrive in the future,” she said of the complex she has yet to visit. “I see a ski shop doing well (there).”

Down the street, Shear sees a mixed bag for the casinos.

“Caesars is falling by the wayside,” she said. “Harrahs and Harvey’s will be the leaders. Horizon will come up big with some of the innovations and things it is doing.”

If the South Shore is going to see big-name entertainers, Harrahs will be the place.

Shear is slowly seeing a couple of her predictions of years gone by come true — the disappearing middle class and South Lake Tahoe turning into a resort destination along the lines of a Vail or an Aspen.

She said 10 years ago she predicted people working at the lake would be living in Gardnerville and Carson City. There is no doubt this is a reality for many.

“I think the real estate market has peaked here,” Schear said. “The housing market is not going to fail here. The economy will get much better here.”

Soon there will be a lull across the country until the issue of war with Iraq is resolved one way or another. She believes once things stabilize and are back in a groove, there will be another surge in housing prices on the South Shore.

And the price of living here will just keep going up.

“Whatever is happening in Aspen and Vail and those great ski areas will happen to Tahoe. The casinos will always be here, but people will look at this area as more of an Aspen; snow, skiing, fun, sports,” she said.

Fortunately the crime rate will not escalate.

There are tough times ahead for Lake Tahoe Unified School District.

“Sierra House will probably shut down. Other types of schools will come in,” Schear said. “We will see a massive change in the school structure — better changes.”

Outside of the basin, Schear tells of another great year for the San Francisco Giants. Retirement will not be in the cards this year for their left fielder, Bonds, but he will be thinking about it.

Michael Bloomberg will not be running New York City for long and Rudy Guiliani could make a name for himself in national politics. It will be a dark horse who emerges as leader of the Democratic Party, according to Schear.

On the world stage, terrorism is here to stay. She has told the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that the outbreak of illnesses on cruise ships is the work of terrorists.

She ties it all to the terrorists learning to fly in Florida, the first person to die from anthrax being in Florida and now the cruise ships based out of Florida are making people sick.

Shear said she tried to make a big deal out of the anthrax scares when they first were reported but nobody would listen. She is afraid no one is putting the pieces to the puzzle together now.

“People better pay attention because terrorists are seeing our vulnerability. The big picture is of the economy. They are trying to destroy the world economy,” Shear said. “We are going to see more and more terrorism.”

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