Psychic: Tahoe in store for banner year |

Psychic: Tahoe in store for banner year

Tahoe Daily Tribune Staff Reports

By Dayle Schear

Special to the Tribune

This year and beyond will be a year of prosperity, major growth and innovative ideas and great new restaurants.

Let’s take a look back in time at my predictions for 2003:

1. Wicked weather. Yes, we sure had our share of that. There were hurricane strength winds, sleet, snow and drought. Just when we survived one weather system another strange one did appear. I even stated a powerful storm in April or June. I was correct. It did snow June 30. Amazing. And the thunderstorms and the hail.

2. Wildfires. Well, we had a few, mainly in the Los Angeles area.

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3. High-end restaurants. That’s happening as we speak. Have you even tasted Fire and Ice, or Tepenyaki Place? What a delight.

4. Revolving door at the Marriott. Yes, this is true. Lots of new places to see there, and they fixed the road a little by putting up a blinking light.

5. Barry Bonds retiring. Well sorry to say this one is yet to happen, but is still up coming soon.

6. I heard in my mind’s eye a large bang New Year’s Eve. Well a gun went off and that started it all, and we all awoke to a sunny new day for 2003.

7. I predicted the convention center would be a go, that it is, a little off in time but it will surely happen.

8. The old buildings will go by the wayside. Have you taken a look, soon to be demolished is the other side of the street.

9. I predicted big name entertainment for the South Shore. Look at all the concerts Harveys had this last summer- Ringo Starr, ZZ Top, lots of new faces to come.

10. The housing market is still pumping just like I said with more to come. The price of living here would still be going up and up and up and that’s the way it is.

Now here are my top 10 predictions for 2004:

1. Weather. Rain, rain, snow, rain, snow – but one great ski season. As I type this I feel a good storm coming soon. The pineapple express is on its way. Summer weather is thunder, rain, drought, sun and lots of fun.

2. New Year’s Eve. Good size crowds, but not record-breaking, plenty of kids, excitement for all. (Yes, this was written before last night.)

3. Casinos will do well this year with new, innovative ideas. However, they will have to stretch their budgets to get people up. Things will have to change along these lines with Indian reservations popping up everywhere, cutting into Tahoe’s piece of the pie. The weekends will be busy, during the week a bit slow until all the new shopping and renovation occurs. There will be many rabbits pulled out of their hats for the casinos. They will come up with Schear Magic to bring the people up. Watch Harrah’s new stores’ innovative ideas.

4. Real estate. A short lull in the market as there is less inventory to sell. Homes will jump again and again, especially in the summer.

5. Carson and Gardnerville will thrive. Housing market will escalate in a big way. Great place to buy property – Dayton.

6. Posh restaurants. Everywhere you turn, one right after the other, new food and Epicurean delights.

7. All and all Tahoe looks wonderful for 2004. More jobs to be had, higher pay, new people from all over the world coming to see our great lake and all its wonders. With Aloha Airlines going to Reno it would be wise for the casinos to cash in on helping the wonderful Hawaiian people find their way to Lake Tahoe. They love to gamble.

8. The Marriott complex is finally pulling it together toward 2004 and 2005. The other shopping complex, Side Street, will do wonders for this town as well. I see another ice skating rink, outdoors, on the horizon.

9. Peace will ring in the New Year with the promise of wealth to come for the basin. However, lots of road construction to watch out for this year. Lots of new jobs for construction workers. Money to float around.

10. I predict people will love coming to my show at Bill’s Casino. The Amazing Lake Tahoe Psychic appears again with lots of fun and surprises.