Public View: Readers voice their opinions |

Public View: Readers voice their opinions

On Friday, Tahoe Daily Tribune managers chatted with community members at Heavenly Village and Village Center. Here’s what they said about the Tribune and South Shore issues:

Age 56; South Lake Tahoe resident for 14 years. Conducts research and does remodeling and carpentry.

“I think you do a very good job with local events and things that are happening – meetings, deaths, births. But one area of improvement is that a lot of times, you have information about the (City Council) meeting and the itinerary the day of or the day before, and it would be good if you could put it in the Friday paper so people will know on the weekend and can plan.

“My biggest kind of gripe and snipe with the paper, and with people I’ve talked with (about it), is the fact that there isn’t really good coverage and has never been really good coverage (of the City Council).”

Age 52; South Lake Tahoe resident for 27 years. Owns Hot Cha Cha

Chic Boutique.

“I read the Tribune every day and kind of like it all. I definitely read the front page. I skim through and look at all the advertising, and I go to the school sports and read about all the local kids.

“I read the page with all the politics, and I read the national news. There’s nothing I really dislike.

“I love the paper and love the fact I can go online and read it. You guys do a really good job with local businesses, but I’d like to see more of that, just because I am a small-business owner. It’s a good way for people to know what’s out here in our community. I really like the new format because it’s easy to grab and pick up and read.”

Age 49; South Lake Tahoe resident for 21 years. Drives school buses for the Lake Tahoe Unified School District.

“I like the horoscopes. I always read the horoscopes. Sometimes the paper is skinny. You had the puppy mill story in the paper (Friday), and that was good. I do like it that you have Garrison Keillor in there.”

Age 50; South Lake Tahoe resident for almost 50 years. Works in the

Lake Tahoe Unified School District’s Transportation Department.

“I don’t get the opportunity to read the Tribune unless I’m at work, and that’s on a very short break.

“I’d like to see more positive things regarding our youths. We have handicapped kids that are always in the Special Olympics and other kids who are just starting T-ball, the little, tiny kindergartners, and softball and baseball for the older kids.

“I think you could take one age group and nail it once a week, maybe. I think that would be fun for the parents and the community.”

Age 32; South Lake Tahoe resident for 18 years. Works for Snow & Surf.

“I read my horoscope every day. I read the obituaries and what else is going on, and usually the front page.

“I usually skip the sports section and the TV page. I like the new format. It’s easy to read and covers national issues, too, so you can see what’s going on in the world. And there’s a recipe in there once in a while.”

Age 9; golden retriever. Currently unemployed.

According to Jessica Williams, Rusty “wants to know about more beaches that will be available for dogs to play on.”

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