Public View: Readers voice their opinions |

Public View: Readers voice their opinions

Editor’s note: PublicView is a biweekly feature in which readers share their opinions about community issues and the Tahoe Daily Tribune. Participants offered their opinions Friday in front of the South Lake Tahoe post office in the Al Tahoe shopping center.

“I like the fact you don’t do a lot of national news, because you get that on TV and other papers that you might use, and this is a small town and we need to concentrate on what’s going on here.

“What would be beneficial is if the Tribune should take each issue (at city council meetings) and every vote and indicate what each councilman voted on for and against, because now we don’t know how each is voting.

“The paper covers all the things I think that a local needs to know, but as a local paper, you should really delve into all the things that are going on and cover them completely.”

“I like the Tahoe Daily Tribune because it stays abreast of local concerns. I’ve had several letters to the editor, and it seems like they always are printed, and I appreciate that.

“Another thing I like about the Tribune is they seem to have a good balance giving both sides of the story, like redevelopment.

“I like the photography – great pictures – and there’s a good push by the paper and priority for the kids.

“Things like this are nice, too – the Tribune making an effort to get in touch with readers.”

“I came very close to dropping my subscription this last time because I’m not thrilled about subsidizing the paper for everyone else now that it’s free. And the rate went up once again.

“I still haven’t gotten used to the new format, and I still don’t really like it.

“I really dislike not having the weekly TV supplement, and I can’t plan ahead, and that’s inconvenient.

“You do a pretty good job focusing on local rather than national events. I’m glad to have a hometown newspaper, and I want that to continue.”

“I like the local news and the weatherman on the back, and I read the top stories and the letters to the editor, and they represent the community.

“There’s nothing I dislike about the paper, but I’d like to see more in-depth articles, such as something about the lack of sidewalks in town. I’d like to see positive articles about the school system, because as a parent I’m a little bit nervous about the district schools.

“There are also a lot of positive stories here about children who grew up here, left and came back.

“I’d like to see an in-depth investigation when we have public meetings about the ‘Y.’ It seems that everyone sends the same message to the city about the sidewalks and about locals, and the strong impression I get is that everyone takes notes and says, ‘Thanks for your input’ and doesn’t do anything, and it’s incredibly frustrating.”

“My dad, he likes to do the crossword puzzles a lot!”

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