Public View: Tribune readers voice their opinions |

Public View: Tribune readers voice their opinions

Tahoe Daily Tribune department heads visited Sierra Athletic Club on Friday to ask people what they thought of the Tribune, what issues most concerned them and their opinions of the recent California Supreme Court decision allowing same-sex marriage. Here are their answers:

Age 69, retired. He has had a house in South Lake Tahoe for 10 years but no longer lives full time in Tahoe. Reads the Tribune when he comes to the gym.

“I enjoyed the previous format (of the Tribune) better than this one. It’s not a newspaper, it’s more a series of advertisements with some interest articles in it. We used to really rely on it for local news and what was happening. It seems in my mind that that’s changed somewhat. For what you’re doing now, for the visitors it’s a good thing.”

Community issues: “I’m kind of appalled at looking at the economy – this place seems really dismal. I pulled into town and looked over at the multimillion/billion dollar convention center that was going to be built, and I was appalled. The city fathers were going to have this giant tax base, and they buy out everything and tear it down, and now what do we got? A concrete hole in the ground.”

On same-sex marriage: “I have a lesbian daughter, and I thoroughly expect to get an invitation to a wedding in the near future. My personal belief is that I still believe marriage is between a man and a woman, and I feel very strongly about that.”

Age 57, waiter at Friday Station. He has lived in South Lake Tahoe for 36 years. Reads the Tribune every day.

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“The only thing I don’t like is that it used to be I could read the sports page and I could give (my wife) Linda the front page, and now I don’t have two sections. You do a pretty good job and cover local issues pretty well.”

Community issues: “I think we could do better as far as tourism, maybe if the casinos would give out gas vouchers and give some of these people a reason to get up here and back. The gas stations might make a few extra bucks and get some more people up here spending their money.”

On same-sex marriage: “I think it absolutely should have happened a long time ago. Either everybody has rights or nobody has rights. If one guy loves another guy like I love my wife, there can’t be anything wrong with that.”

Age 32, personal trainer. She has lived in South Lake Tahoe for five years. Reads the Tribune three times a week.

“I love Rhonda (Beckham)’s articles, and I think she does a fantastic job on Fridays. I like the new format because it’s easier to read, and it’s easy to find things you’re looking for. I think the TDT should be a little bit bigger, and we should have more world views and what’s going on in the world.”

Community issues: “Our community is so divided on school issues right now, and there are a lot more opinions on it right now – pros and cons – and I’d like to see more coverage of that.”

On same-sex marriage: “I think that if someone wants to marry someone they love, there’s no problem with that at all. I think that people should concentrate more on themselves than what other people are doing. I think that people who have problems with somebody else getting married to someone of the same sex have to look at themselves and do something better for themselves.”

Mom and spin instructor. She has lived in South Lake Tahoe for 20 years. Reads the Tribune almost every day.

“There’s good local news in the TDT and things that are going on in Tahoe.”

Community issues: “There’s not enough money being spent on the schools and issues such as cutting back on teachers, and I’d like to see you cover that more. Why is gas so much more expensive here than anywhere else, and why is there so much redevelopment in Stateline as opposed to the other end, where a lot of the locals are?”

On same-sex marriage: “I think that everyone should be treated equally and that they were created equally. Everyone should have the same rights.”

Age 59, retired. He has lived in South Lake Tahoe for more than 30 years. Periodically reads the Tribune.

“There’s nothing (in the Tribune) that I particularly like or dislike.”

Community issues: “I’d like to see you cover issues of the environment, the economy, recreation and things that concern people in Tahoe. I’d like to tell you and the people who come to visit to enjoy the place, but don’t abuse the environment, the town or the people in it.”

On same-sex marriage: “I think it’s fine. I don’t have any problem with it.”