Public View: Tribune readers voice their opinions |

Public View: Tribune readers voice their opinions

Several Tahoe Daily Tribune supervisors visited the Safeway shopping center in Round Hill on Friday to ask residents what community issues most concerned them. Here are their answers:

Age 58. Has lived in South Lake Tahoe for 32 years. Reads the Tribune every day. Works at Kahle Community Center.

“Mostly bicycling and the bike paths, and getting the teenagers involved in activities. Teenagers need to be motivated. They don’t want to be in any organized activities, and they need places to go and things to do and places that are safe.”

Age 55. Lives in Gardnerville and has been in the Tahoe Basin for 30 years. Reads the Tribune once a month. Web site designer.

“The biggest issue on my mind right now is what’s going on with the property over at the Heavenly Village – the parking problem at Raley’s. The parking problem there is being handled really poorly, and it’s a situation where the end user of Lake Tahoe – the tourists – come here and they are assaulted by security guards that question them. If that happens to me once, I’m not coming back to that shopping center, and it’s hurting everybody up there.”

Age 16. Has lived in South Lake Tahoe for six years. Reads the Tribune almost every day. Courtesy clerk at Safeway.

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“I’m concerned about gas prices.”

And … “Construction (roadwork): It seems like they choose the wrong spots or times to do it and to wait for a big weekend to block off half the road. Or when they do big events and they block off the whole strip, and everybody has to go around.”

Age 51. Has lived in South Lake Tahoe since October. Reads the Tribune every day. Safeway deli department employee.

“The bus system needs to have longer hours, and the bus drivers should stop where they are supposed to stop. Sometimes they don’t stop and go past bus stops (Henry said she frequently takes the bus).”