Publisher column: Introducing Healthy Tahoe, the Tribune’s new health initiative |

Publisher column: Introducing Healthy Tahoe, the Tribune’s new health initiative

Lake Tahoe prides itself on being one of the foremost recreation-friendly destinations in the world. This has always been part of its charm. Also, because of this, it has kept the residents lively and on the move. Which is to say is has kept them active — and being active is a key ingredient to being healthy.

I know this is not earth-shattering news. This is not even simply shattering news. But what this does is lend itself into a deeper rabbit hole discussion about health.

I know, I know. When you think of health news you don’t necessarily think about warm and engaging topics. The typical mind will go to a cold and dark place, forcing us to read about health topics when something is wrong. Here’s where we want to change the conversation — insert Healthy Tahoe.

Beginning in January of 2017, the Tribune will be launching Healthy Tahoe. This initiative is designed to be a comprehensive resource on the South Shore when it comes to health-related topics.

We have added (and will continue to add) local health professionals to this network in an effort to bring you content that relates to the Tahoe environment. On an ongoing basis we’ll be issuing articles that are timely and are about topics of interest. Our local professionals will provide most of these stories.

If you have a health-related question, I encourage you to email the question to us here at the Tribune at We’ll anonymously push this question out to our health professionals so that we can get the most comprehensive answers out to you and the community.

Why multiple answers to a question? Everybody is different. What works for some people may not work for others. If one solution to a health-related issue doesn’t answer your question, wouldn’t it be great if you had another answer to turn to?

Ultimately what we want to create is a community: a trusted place where people can go and get content on topics that they want answers on (or didn’t even know existed) — a community that can discuss everyday topics such as diet, exercise, holistic medicine, recreation and family health, while also touching on the serious topics such as cancer, pain management or surgery.

It was important for this type of endeavor to be accessible to our entire audience so you’ll be able to access this information in print every Wednesday, on the web and via social channels. The beauty of delivering on all platforms is that you may see something you missed. Or, if you want to sign up for the newsletter and have this news delivered directly to your inbox, you can do that as well.

Health should not be looked at as a burden. We want it to be fun and interactive. The more educated we are, the better off we’ll be. We have a great network of providers on the South Shore. We want to connect them to you and engage in quality discussion. If you can learn a thing or two along the way, or learn about a local provider who can help you with an issue, then isn’t that truly what community is all about?

Publisher Rob Galloway can be reached at or 530-542-8046.

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