Publisher’s Perspective: Nominations open for Best of Tahoe (Opinion)

Rob Galloway

If you’re like me, it seems like this winter has gone on forever (and in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s still going). The upside to this is that we’re almost to spring. Well, spring-lite, maybe. Who knows how long the snow will stick around? We may just slide right into summer the way it’s going. 

But, it also means we’re in the season of Best of Tahoe and as of today (Friday, March 17), you are able to submit your nominations for your favorite people, places and things. 

For some of you, this is just another day. For others, this is a chance to put a big bright and shining light on their business, highlight someone’s contributions to the community, or support one of your favorite places to go locally. If anything the past few years have taught us is that support is always needed. 

The nomination period is the first step in crowning a winner. Just as in years past, a single nomination does not move you through to the final round. Many folks believe that they only need to be nominated once to get to the finals and this is not the case. The more nominations the better and you can nominate once per day, per category, so keep that support flowing. 

Why do we only take the top nominations? We have over 100 categories and each year we have (literally) thousands of nominations. This is a way to help streamline and clean up the ballot so you’re only dealing with the best of the best. Think of it as the playoffs in sports. Only the top teams make it and there is, ultimately, only one winner. The nominations are like regular season wins. 

Each year, this contest is meant to be fun and celebratory of the things that help make up the fabric of the community. Don’t be the one to put the negativity out there. Channel that energy into something more encouraging. Let’s give businesses a boost of confidence. And while some categories are more hotly contested, others may come down to the same two that duke it out each and every year. That’s part of what makes this fun. 

You the community has done a phenomenal job of rallying around the people, businesses, and organizations over the years. Some of those businesses wouldn’t be here today without that support. Continue to show that passion and appreciation for what they do or what they mean to you through a nomination – and ultimately a vote in the finals. 

Like every year, we look to add some new categories and replace or clean up some that have lacked engagement with the community. We do this to try and stay relevant to the communities we serve and hope you have some fun with the new additions to this year.

The final step in the process is crowning a winner. Some will be new. Some will extend their title for another year. So be on the lookout for the finalist voting that will start not long after the nominations have closed.

I look forward to seeing the finalists. Good luck, everyone!

To make your nominations, visit us at:

Publisher Rob Galloway can be reached at or 530-542-8046.

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