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Pull up a chair, Cap and Gee will do the standup

Howie Nave, Lake Tahoe Action figure

With John “Cap” Caponera and David Gee at Harveys Improv this week, expect your comedy to be about foibles that happen when one is a parent. Headliner Cap taps his Italian roots, and nobody is more Italian than Caponera. In fact, he was part of the successful “Godfathers of Comedy” show that aired on Showtime last year, with a tour that accompanied the premium cable special. He’s also been on “The Good Life,” hosted Comedy Central’s “Jocks” and ESPN’s “Talk II.” He guest-starred on NBC’s long-running hospital drama “ER,” in addition to “Love & War,” “Blossom” and one of my favorite cable shows “Tales From The Crypt” on HBO. His sports-oriented material is one reason we secure him a slot up here for the annual American Century Golf Championship. In addition to his standup and acting skills, John does very good voice impressions. My favorite voices find their way into his act nightly and include some of this country’s greatest sports commentators. Because of his Chicago roots, John tosses in one of the greatest ever: Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Caray. But Cap goes beyond just impersonating him. He slots him into these crazy situations as if he were broadcasting the game while telling the listeners what happened to him the night before. You have to see it to really appreciate the bit. My other favorite voice he does is that of Vin Scully, longtime Dodgers voice. John has a lot of great press and, more importantly, great press from his own back yard. Howell J. Malham Jr. of the Chicago Tribune wrote, “Every so often the kingdom of comedy is graced with a gifted, naturally refined performer who can effectively demonstrate the transcendental powers of the medium while making it look deceptively easy.” John is a Chicago native and always will be, even though he now resides in southern California. Michael Paskevich of the Las Vegas Review-Journal: “Unafraid of letting a room grow quiet, Caponera sets his own intentionally erratic pace, pausing to perfection to complement his oddly timed but rewarding comic insights. The jokes are further bolstered by his talent for facial gestures that range from goofy to arrogant, making Caponera arguably the hottest club headliner going at present.”With Cap, it’s not just jokes but more stories that the audience can easily relate to. That’s the best kind of comedy, where you can plug yourself into just about any of his situations because what John finds funny we all find funny, too. It’s a great ride.

David Gee is a personal favorite because he was my mentor. Gee hosts the majority of comedy shows at our Las Vegas location, and because of his skills there, has been asked to host numerous charity functions, be it for golf tournaments or television shows like one for “Entertainment Tonight.” He will compose witty poems tailor-made for each event. Gee received a huge national bump last year when he was showcased on comedienne Rita Rudner’s Showtime special, “Rita Rudner And 3 Potential Ex-Husbands.” He was one of her ex-husbands and comedy-wise (I say) was the strongest. Gee (who dropped the “k” for professional reasons) also does incredible voice impressions of famous sports announcers but more with an L.A. slant, since he’s from Santa Monica. Although a Dodgers fan (he hasn’t spoken to me since my Giants won the World Series), Gee is ecstatic that the San Francisco 49ers are Super Bowl bound. OK, he’s ecstatic up here in northern California country and not down south, but he appreciates our team nonetheless. In addition to his comedy and Showtime special, David has appeared on “The Tonight Show,” was a semi-finalist on ABC’s “The Next Best Thing,” “Access Hollywood,” “Entertainment Tonight” and, as mentioned earlier, is always asked to be the host for numerous fundraisers. Gee has opened (and written) for some pretty impressive entertainers, but saves the really good stuff for his own stage work. We both love movies and another standout in his standup routine includes actors from different eras and what their classic movie lines would be if they had shot those movies in the present day? Once again, you have to see it to really believe it. Brilliant.

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