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Q&A: former Action figure Rick Chandler of Deadspin

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Rick Chandler of Deadspin

A: My house was the only one on my block spared by the Angora fire, but a week later it rolled off a cliff. I took that as a sign. I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area, write for Deadspin.com, which is a sports Web site, and am writing a book about minor league baseball.

A: I coached at a small high school in Portola Valley, where more than half of my players were European foreign exchange students who spoke little English. Or so they told me. My center was 7-foot-1, and the next tallest player in the league was 5-foot-6. At one point we had a 9-0 record, and I stopped showing up; didn’t see the point. I hear they eventually won some sort of trophy.

A: The book I’m writing is a mystery thriller about minor league baseball mascots who start turning up dead, one by one. The Portland Raccoon is rendered road kill; the Madison Mallard is cooked in an oven, etc. My goal is for someone to adapt it into a Broadway play, then into a movie, and then back into a book again.

A: I thought he was just taking several days off. What are you saying? I will say that I’m looking forward to Edward Norton playing him in the movie.

A: Wouldn’t Rolling Stone have to win occasionally in order for it to be considered a rivalry?

A: St. Denis Basilica, the Eiffel Tower … no wait, that’s France. There are so many places in Tahoe that I miss, mainly due to restraining orders. Right now I could go for a burrito at Taqueria Jalisco.

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A: I made fun of his golf game when he appeared at the American Century in 2005, and he hasn’t been back. I believe I may have said something about Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction being found in his golf bag. He now publishes the Entertainer under an alias, I understand.

A: You always urged me to use it as a verb. Well, I think it’s great that you took a kid who washed up on a raft from Cuba, took him in, and taught him a trade. Even though Dan speaks very little English and spends his pay at Harveys nearly as fast as he gets it, I hear that Action wouldn’t exist without him. Who else would fill the racks?