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Q&A with DJ Dan

DJ Dan performs Friday at MontBleu’s Opal Ultra Lounge. In 2006 he was rated the world’s No. 5 DJ in DJ Magazine’s Top 100 Poll. He spoke with Lake Tahoe Action earlier this week about his show and career.

Q: You’ve been to Tahoe before, haven’t you?

A: I’ve been there a couple of times. The crowd was really amazing. I have a few friends who live there too, so they bring a lot of their crew out. It feels like a hometown crowd to me. Like old-school San Francisco.

Q: But you’re in L.A. now.

A: I moved back to L.A. about five years ago, mainly for studio stuff.

Q: You started in the rave era — it that true?

A: Yeah, in ’91, I had moved here from Seattle right when the whole rave scene was exploding. Then I hooked up with Ron D. Core and he and I started playing all the big raves together. Then we did our after-hour no doze and that became really huge. So we were doing about three shows a night. Then I moved to San Francisco because after the L.A. riots the whole L.A. vibe got kind of weird. So I moved to San Francisco and did the whole Funky Tekno Tribe thing and it just kind of went from there.

Q: You worked with Paris Hilton?

A: She wanted me to remix “Turn It Up.” Then did a dub and then a full vocal. I figured the dub would be the one the DJ’s would play, at least the DJs I knew. There’s rumors she is working on a new album, which should be interesting. I probably won’t be doing any remixes on that one.

Q: It must be crazy in Hollywood.

A: It is a trip. That’s when I moved back, I moved to Pasadena. It’s very suburban and that’s what I need now because of how much I travel. I kind of want a mellow life.

Q: What projects are you working on now?

A: Well, we’ve got “Chop Shop” coming out, and then an updated 2007 remix of “Needle Damage,” and I’m working on three other tracks at the moment and putting together my artist album. It’s been pretty full on. I’m very fortunate to be so busy.

Q: You start your show Friday at midnight. Isn’t that kind of late?

A: Midnight’s probably the earliest. If you go out of the country you usually start at 2:30 in the morning. If it’s Montreal it’s like five in the morning.

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