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Q&A with Mark Sexton

4. The Mark Sexton Band plays the Red Room on Saturday.

A Reno-based quartet, the Mark Sexton Band, is comprised of college-aged musicians who perform locally in the winter and tour nationally in summertime. It plays a free show inside of the Red Room at Crystal Bay Casino Saturday, March 19.

Q: What is your music like? Your website says to “listen out.” What do you guys mean by that?

A: Well, everyone just kinda hears music nowadays. Music in today’s age, especially in the clubs or whatever, people might go, “Ooh, I love this song.” But really to them it’s just background music. Nobody really tries to feel it. Like, “Ooh, the new Katy Perry song is on. I love this song. It’s got this really generic beat, oh yeah.” That’s awesome, but it all just seems so trivial. Nobody really digs anymore. We’re really trying to create music with some actual substance. Not just a song that gets stuck in your head in an elevator. Nowadays, of course, there’s still good music being made, but you have to really dig deep to find it.

Q: So how did you all form up originally?

A: We all went to high school together and it kind of just pieced itself together from there. Since about senior year of high school, so we’ve been together about five years now.

Q: Have you been playing gigs the whole time?

A: Yeah, increasingly more and more serious lately.

Q: You’re all students, right?

A: Yeah, I’m currently at (University of Nevada, Reno). I’m the only one who hasn’t graduated yet. So everyone else is waiting on me. We’ve been doing the majority of touring during the summer so I can finish up.

Q: Where have you guys been touring?

A: We’ve been up and down the West Coast maybe three or four times now. This last tour we did was about nine states, that was last summer. It was a little over a month of being on the road the whole time. It was pretty fun. Before that, we’ve hit Seattle a bunch of times. Just all the western-most nine states pretty much.

Q: Are there any favorite stops where the crowds really respond to you yet?

A: We all have our favorites, and as a touring band we have to build up our fan base from the ground up, like all over again every place we go. It’s not like in Reno or Tahoe where we have already kind of built a name for ourselves. Like when we go to Portland, nobody knows who the hell we are, so we have to win everyone over each time.

Q: So how does Tahoe treat you?

A: Tahoe and Reno have been great. Lately we’ve been getting so much love, so much. And its been kind of a rocky start, but lately we’ve had every show packed. We’ve also been able to open up for a whole bunch of great bands there. But we’re still in the process of proving ourselves. We’ve been trying to constantly just pack the Red Room at Crystal Bay so we can get our own Crown Room show.

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