Reasons Why Tanzania Is A Perfect Post-Lockdown Holiday Destination |

Reasons Why Tanzania Is A Perfect Post-Lockdown Holiday Destination

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The unexpected COVID-19 pandemic brought many plans to halt, including our travel plans. The general lockdown social distancing has ensured that everything is no longer business as usual. It is not safe to travel right now; the Foreign Office’s advice against travelling until after the lockdown.

But when will the lockdown be over then? Well, we are hoping it ends soon too. Some cities are already relaxing their lockdown rules, while some others are putting in more measure. But, one thing is common to all, international travel is not completely stopped is not seriously regulated.

However, while the lockdown remains, we can’t help but reminisce upon the good memories of our past travel experience. We can also dream about the various destinations we’ll love to visit when it’s safe to travel, one of which should include Tanzania. If you want your post-lockdown getaway to be memorable, put Tanzania at the top of your list.

Considering that you can get Tanzania visa on arrival, it becomes evident that you do not have to do much to enjoy the holiday resume. It may seem like we’re trying to trick you into traveling to Tanzania. But, before you turn a side-eye, let’s look at some of the reasons Tanzania is the perfect post-lockdown holiday destination.

5 Reasons for a Vacation Visit to Tanzania

Tanzania is a great place to spend your post lockdown vacation. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose this place;

  1. Home of Wildlife

Tanzania is one of the vacation places where you get to experience a wide variety of wildlife in a little time. Research reveals that 430 different species of wildlife and no less than 4 million wild animals are resident in Tanzania. A visit to Tanzania will be a life-changing experience at every turn.

  1. Access and Infrastructure

Because Tanzania is a tourism-oriented country, it has benefited from a long-term commitment to infrastructure and efficient transportation. The highways, international airport, and ferries are all inter-connected to shuttle you to the fun and exciting places conveniently.

  1. Political stability

One of the reasons why people fear travelling into other countries includes a sudden outbreak of the crisis. However, with Tanzania’s political stability, a sudden outburst of crime is not an issue of concern. Studies show that about 80% of Tanzanians are satisfied with the way democratic affairs work. Therefore, you can be at peace anytime you visit the democratic country of Tanzania.

  1. Reasonable Pricing

Safari and tourism, in general, is a significant source of employment in Tanzania. You will find several operators with different levels of experience seeking to be your host. What it means for you is that you get reasonable prices with quality amenities. Therefore, Tanzania is the best choice to enjoy the maximum tourist experience at affordable prices.

  1. Variety of experiences

Tanzania, as your post-lockdown getaway destination, opens you to a variety of experiences. From watching wildlife in Serengeti to climbing up Mount Kilimanjaro, or experiencing a week-long island lifestyle in Zanzibar, and several other experiences, Tanzania offers an unparalleled adventure.

Getting You there

Getting into Tanzania is one of the easiest travel experiences you’ll have. However, everyone traveling to Tanzania is required to carry a valid Tanzania visa. You can obtain a visa either before or on arrival.

To be eligible for a Tanzania visa on arrival, you should get familiar with the entry requirements before your home country’s departure. Some of the general conditions include that your passport must be valid six months from the date you apply for a visa, evidence of your return journey, etc. The requirements are on Tanzania’s immigration website. You can check them out there.

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