Reinvented MC performs at Whiskey Dick’s |

Reinvented MC performs at Whiskey Dick’s

Lake Tahoe Action

Andre Nickatina

Who says you can’t teach a (Dre) Dog new tricks?

Andre Nickatina will appear Friday, Aug. 1, at Whiskey Dick’s Saloon along with Rise of the Revolution and Lucky Lucianni.

Many fans still know Nickatina by his former stage name, Dre Dog. In 1998, the rapper changed his name and released the albums “Cocaine Raps” and “Raven in My Eyes.” In the newsmagazine Metroactive, reviewer Todd Inoue noted Nickatina’s emphasis on “sequencers and keyboards that buzz and whine” over live instrumentation, and Clout Graffiti Magazine hailed the arrival of a new rapper.

“Andre Nickatina is in a league of his own in that he is able to combine the hardness of gangster rap with innovative and socially conscious lyrics. Not to mention doing so, all the while, with unsurpassed rhyme and style … with one of the most distinctive voices in rap, Andre Nickatina aka Dre Dog has been attracting listeners to rap and Hip-Hop since 1992.”

Nickatina told Strivin magazine that his name change was “for the better” and that he raps because he feels that he is talented enough to do so but not for the sake of popularity.

Nickatina founded his own record label ” Fillmoe Coleman, evoking his roots in the Fillmore District of San Francisco ” that same year, and three albums followed: “Tears of a Clown” (1999), “These R the Tales” and “Daiquiri Factory: Cocaine Raps, Vol. 2” (both in 2000)

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At a CD release for fellow Bay Area underground rapper Smoov-E, Robert Mosi Reeves of the San Francisco Bay Guardian noted Nickatina’s popularity, calling him “a quick-witted rapper who spits as hard as Kurupt does.”

Nickatina followed with “Conversation with a Devil,” a combination CD-movie project in 2003 and “The Gift” in 2005, when the SF Weekly newspaper named Nickatina the “Best Local Hip Hop Legend” of the year.

Santa Cruz-based Rise of the Revolution blends political lyrics with original beats. Beatmaker Nima Fadavi and Prophet, the MC, debuted with “Never Stand Down” last August on its own Electric Sound Recording label and is set to release its sophomore effort, “Lethal of Equal” this fall. In addition to appearing with the Grouch on its debut and Opio of Hieroglyphics on “Lethal of Equal,” the duo has shared the stage with the likes of Immortal Technique, Dead Prez, KRS-One, Devin the Dude, Xzibit and more.

Lucky Lucianni is a self-styled survivor from San Jose, who established his DIY bona fides on the demo “Takin’ My Cut,” then debuted in 2005 with “On This I Stand” and persevered through the suicide of his father on “A Thousand Thoughts a Second,” according to his Web site. The rapper released his newest album, “Swisher Guts & Empty Fifths” on Sunday, July 27.

Who: Andre Nickatina with Rise of the Revolution and Lucky Lucianni

Where: Whiskey Dicks Saloon, 2660 Lake Tahoe Blvd.

When: doors open at 9 p.m. Friday, Aug. 1

Tickets: $25 advance at Whiskey Dick’s, Mad About Music, Tahoe Hemp Co. or; $30 door