Reno Rebuild Fund awards Sierra Mobile Storage with $28,000 loan |

Reno Rebuild Fund awards Sierra Mobile Storage with $28,000 loan

RENO, Nev. – The Reno Rebuild Fund has awarded a $28,000 loan to the Sierra Mobile Storage company based in the Reno area, owned by two previous Incline Village locals.

Luke and Staci Stevenson realized there was a need for more storage in the Reno and Tahoe area that expanded past the conventional style of mini-storage. Together, the two created a temporary storage solution that allows customers to either bring a brand new, solid steal container to the site of their choice, or they can store their items with Sierra Mobile Storage on site.

Owners Luke and Staci Stevenson have made their mark in the storage industry, and are now able to expand with a $28,000 loan from the Reno Rebuild Fund.
Photo provided by Sierra Mobile Storage

“[Customers] know it’s secure, they know it’s weatherproof, rodent-proof, and that their belongings are safe and they don’t have to worry,” said Staci. “If they keep the container right at their home, then they have accessibility whenever they feel like it.”

The Reno Rebuild Fund is an organization that looks to help small businesses in the Reno area that need more capital in order to grow through the donation of five cents of everything sold at multiple locations around Reno, including Shim’s Surplus Supplies, Sports & Spirits, the Sierra Tap House, Ole Bridge Pub, and The Brewer’s Cabinet.

Each year, businesses are able to apply for the funds in order to grow, and in this case, the Stevenson’s intend to do just that.

“There’s no storage in Tahoe,” said Staci. “What we’re most excited about is growth. The need is so much bigger. It started out to just be the need being pretty begin in Tahoe and we always planned on working in Reno, but since we’ve been down in Reno, we’ve seen the need even more. We love to keep the money in our community and put it back into our community.”

The storage containers are clean and weatherproof, and can be left in front of your home, on site, or wherever you need in the Nevada area to meet your moving and storage needs.
Photo provided by Sierra Mobile Storage

The loan will be paid back over the course of the next five years, so that in the future, another business may be given the funds eventually.

“So it’s kind of like a snowball effect,” said Reno Rebuild Fund Board President Mike Connolly. “We contribute to the fund and we loan the money out and then the loan and interest comes back to the fund to be loaned out again and again.”

Connolly said that although the fund was started almost ten years ago, there is no better time to be doing this work for the businesses with the severe impact of COVID-19.

“This fund is helping them maybe stabilize and get back on their feet, or in this particular matter,” said Connolly, “Sierra Mobile Storage saw their business growth speed up, and they’re looking for more storage units to send out.”

Now that the Stevenson’s business is able to get get more units, they’ll be able to keep up with the increasing demand for storage, as well as with their competitors Pods, who offer a similar service without the same community connections.

The containers have been used mostly for those who are renovating homes or are in the process of moving. The Stevenson’s are excited to be expanding in such a pivotal time for community members.
Photo provided by Sierra Mobile Storage

“We’re so grateful they chose us,” said Staci. “We’re completely overwhelmed and honored. The list goes on and on for positive reasons why. The money they’ve lent us helps buy more equipment, which will then also generate more revenue for our community.”

For more information about the Reno Rebuild Fund, visit To learn more about Sierra Mobile Storage, visit

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