Rep. Kevin Kiley is fighting for seniors (Opinion) |

Rep. Kevin Kiley is fighting for seniors (Opinion)

Saul Anuzis / Guest column

The past several years have been tough for California seniors and those on fixed income. Out-of-control inflation, an ever-increasing cost of living and gas and grocery prices that always seem to be rising have left many struggling to make ends meet.

The reckless spending and higher taxes championed by politicians in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., are directly responsible for crushing Californians under the weight of inflation. Even worse, decades of federal spending binges have put critical programs our nation’s seniors rely upon — Social Security and Medicare — at risk of insolvency.

Our country is at a crossroads — continue down the same failed path and descend further into crisis or embark on a necessary course correction with sustainable fiscal policies — and many political leaders are asleep at the wheel. After advocating for seniors and working to protect Social Security and Medicare for more than 30 years at the American Association for Senior Citizens, I was heartened to watch Rep. Kevin Kiley emerge as a key leader fighting to protect Social Security and Medicare in Washington and advocate for fiscally responsible policies that will finally get our debt under control.

Unlike many Washington politicians, Kiley recognizes that Congress must uphold its commitment to our nation’s seniors. He understands that Social Security and Medicare benefits are directly drawn from the contributions that seniors have made to those programs throughout their working lives. Rep. Kiley will vote against any cuts to Social Security or Medicare benefits and is working tirelessly to ensure seniors receive the benefits they are entitled to.

Kiley’s office has been instrumental in helping seniors across the eastern Sierra and Sacramento region receive their Social Security and Medicare benefits, from navigating the government website to even helping seniors who have had their identity stolen. He is encouraging any seniors having issues with obtaining Social Security or Medicare benefits to call his office at (916) 724-2575 and his staff is standing by, ready to assist.

For his leadership in fighting for seniors, I was proud to present Kiley with the Guardian of Seniors’ Rights Award on behalf of the American Association of Senior Citizens. Leaders like Kiley are protecting critical programs like Social Security and Medicare from their biggest threat: out-of-control borrowing and spending that will drive them into insolvency and threaten the benefits of millions of seniors across America.

In fact, Kiley collaborated with his colleagues to pass the Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023 to set our nation back on a sustainable fiscal path. The act saves taxpayers $4.8 trillion over 10 years by restraining Washington’s spending habits and spurring economic growth, thereby reducing the threat to Social Security and Medicare.

This legislation is only Kiley’s latest step in fighting for seniors. He has been focused like a laser since day one on reducing inflation to ease the burden on those with fixed income. Among other steps, in March he voted to pass landmark legislation, H.R. 1, that would lower gas and grocery prices, reduce utility bills and make everyday goods more affordable.

California seniors deserve to live through their retirement with economic security. At a time when many politicians are putting that at risk, seniors have a leader delivering real results to improve their daily lives and a true champion in Rep. Kevin Kiley.

Saul Anuzis serves as the president of the American Association of Senior Citizens.

Saul Anuzis

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